I have this thing where if I happen to find something playing on the telly I sort of have to see it through and finish the whole show, be it a movie, an hour-long drama or even the news. That’s kind of why I just stay away from watching TV altogether and I’m proud to say that the hours upon hours I once used to waste watching other people live their lives have since turned into hours upon hours of constructing and living the life I want to live myself.

So anyway, it’s not so much because I am / was a couch potato –it’s more about having to see things through whenever I start them. That trait is both a blessing and a curse depending on which area of your life you choose to apply to and in my case it’s a curse in my personal life but a real blessing as far as my business ventures go. In my personal life having to see things through and effectively resolving to be down for trying anything and everything at least once lands me in some rather precarious positions, whereas in my professional business life this comes with nothing but a series of invaluable lessons to learn.

Many of the business ventures which I can point back to today as runaway successes are as a result of this try-anything-once and always-see-things-through attitude. So where this attitude has me in situations such as having to sit through a movie in Portuguese of which I don’t understand a single word right through to the end in my personal life, as far as it goes with business that same attitude had me uncovering some business ventures which I could never have otherwise even entertained. I mean I never set out to venture into property until I kind of promised to tag along with a friend as he was going house-hunting for a second property he wanted to rent out, so this try-everything-at-least-once attitude really pays off in business.

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So that is indeed the reason why you should endeavour to try everything at least once — you could really learn something you would have otherwise never been able to learn going about your personal and your professional life conventionally. Everything has to be done within reason of course — I mean it would be folly to want to attend something like a six-to-six party if you know you have to go to work tomorrow or if you know your body just can’t quite handle that sort of exertion at your age anymore.

What I’m talking about are constructive things to try at least once, some of which may not seem constructive at all at face value. I mean who would have ever thought that taking the time to carefully scour through a site like baccarat-squeeze.com to learn the rules of how the game of baccarat is played would have had me using the same strategy I learned to make some good money trading the stock markets in my spare time? I certainly couldn’t have told you that something like that would work out to be profitable in that way.

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