When it comes to sourcing environmentally sound supplies, retail stores and wider businesses are prioritizing reusability. However, as you may know, if you produce and distribute a plastic bag then claim it to be a ‘bag for life’ only for it to be used and thrown away it will be far more polluting throughout its life than a single-use alternative. With that in mind, many stores are now opting for wholesale jute bags as research suggests they are less likely to be thrown away than plastic bags for life. Keep reading to discover more of the benefits of wholesale jute bags.

  1. Jute is an ethical and sustainable material choice

A lot of the world’s jute is produced in the developing countries of South-East Asia. This is good as it opens up the potential for trade and industry development. This promotes economic growth and better international relations. Jute is also sustainable in terms of its low CO2 footprint, low water footprint and low environmental footprint.

  • Jute has a more quality feel than plastic bags

With brands looking to upgrade their perceived quality, many are opting for Jute bags due to their more natural feel and strong thread count. This works well with printing options and helps to create a bag that looks and feels the part.

  • A wholesale jute bag can work well with a brands position

In a similar way to the previous point, brands are also looking to establish them as environmentally conscious as a way of appealing to more environmentally conscious customers.

This can be done partly by introducing more natural elements into their product offering. Jute is a product made from 100% natural fibres. Using wholesale jute bags is a good idea for ethical supermarkets, gardening stores and indeed any store that wants to appear as natural as possible.

  • A good jute bag is very strong with high reuse potential
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Another benefit that is drawing many individuals to jute is the high strength it has over traditional plastic bags. The stiffness makes it good for carrying large products and the high puncture resistance means it is highly reusable.

Source your wholesale jute bags from a sustainable supplier with high standards

These are just a few of the benefits wholesale jute bags could bring to your retail store. Just bear in mind that as with any product you get what you pay for. We recommend going through a high-quality supplier as this will maximise the chance of you getting a great product for you and your customers.

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