Is the College admission process flawed? Do you think that certain changes in the admission process can make it a lot better for every student willing to pursue their dream? Will the universities accept the changes to suit the needs of students?

There are a number of thoughts that flood our minds when we talk about the college admission process. This is because we constantly look at getting high grades and focus on getting admission in the best University. However, we do not realize the significance of focusing on things that we need while spending years in college.

There are only a few students who want to be a part of the leading colleges and Universities because of the field they have in their mind, and they you know starting in such colleges and Universities will be ideal for them. However, most of the students want to be a part of leading colleges and Universities only because it gives them an opportunity to divert their skills and be like others. There is a specific reason for it, and revisionist at the admission criteria does not take into account a student’s creativity. This is not good because it makes the students feel that their creativity is not valuable. This forces them to take divert their attention and choose a field day they are not comfortable with.

Creativity should be a part of the admission process because it not only help students in giving their best but also makes their lives happier and satisfactory. Emphasis on creativity assignments in a college application process can help in providing a more Holistic impression of the potential of the students.

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We are not saying that a student’s creativity will be lost if they do not get an opportunity to showcase their skills. We know there are universities like Columbia University 伦比亚大学 that gives students an opportunity to display their skills after getting admission in the university but if creativity is a part of the admission process, it will help students in finding the ideal field and make the right moves at the earliest and keep moving in the right direction.

Assessing creativity will make a difference because it will be easy for the faculty to understand which student is good for a particular field and what can be done to help them improve their stand. As part of the admission process, every student can be assessed to help them get their dream job and avoid falling into the trap of high grades forced upon them.

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