Whether you’re a top executive or a recent hire, you probably consider a good project manager to be someone who can deliver a certain result within a deadline. You’re not wrong! But when you think about it, a great project manager offers so much more than that. Discover the top qualities some of the best project managers in the industry exhibit.

  • They inspire. Leaders are thought of as having an exceptional ability to articulate their vision, including the overall goal and the steps necessary to achieve it. Project managers are superior leaders that do that while simultaneously lifting their team members up and inspiring the change that needs to happen. In doing so, project managers also serve as visionaries to make their cohorts to feel like they actually have a stake in the project, providing a better outcome.
  • They’re good communicators. A great project manager is an expert in a variety of communication styles. Whether it’s upper management or a college intern, a project manager can clearly articulate responsibilities, expectations, and feedback to virtually anyone. This is an essential skill of any project manager, as effective communication changes based on the person(s) and the task(s) at hand.
  • They’re good at making ethical decisions. Overseeing a major project requires quick, effective decision making. Even the best laid plans can go sideways, but it’s the job of a superb project manager to redirect as needed and make decisions as quickly as possible. The right project manager will do anything to get the job done, but from an ethical standpoint. They understand that their actions inspire an entire team, so they strive to drive results while observing ethical practices.
  • They understand collaboration. No one can complete a major project on their own. It is the role of a project manager to assess and categorize a team’s strengths and weaknesses in order to optimize an environment for collaboration. It’s not just about overseeing a project – it’s about serving as a partner to the business so that you can increase overall success.
  • They share wins. A skillful project manager recognizes that the success or failure of a project doesn’t just rely on one person. They share credit for the work done, good or bad, and encourage a team to participate together, no matter what the outcome. As simple as it seems, a good project manager understands how important a sense of community is when it comes to achieving goals.
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Whether you’re looking for the right hire or striving to become one, these are the attributes of a highly successful project manager. Finding the best project manager can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!  For the best project management consulting services, visit PMNow.

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