It is no easy thing to build a successful business, it takes a combination of many factors, which include determination, solid market research and good strategy, yet there are times when circumstances outside of our control seriously threaten our business. It might be a government order, or a licensing body that, for one reason or another, does not want you to trade, or even a civil dispute, or an issue with a customer, and in such a situation, it is imperative you seek expert legal counsel.

Sourcing Expert Legal Advice

The moment you are aware of a legal issue, you should immediately seek legal advice. In Victoria, for example, there is an organisation called Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) where many such issues are handled, and by searching online for a VCAT lawyer in Melbourne, you will very quickly be able to determine your options.

VCAT has three divisions, which are as follows:

  • Civil Section – This handles domestic building work, matters concerning the consumer, corporation issues and tenancy disputes. If, for example, a customer was not satisfied with a large consignment of goods and therefore, refused to pay, this would be heard by VCAT.
  • Administrative Section – People that are seeking a review of a government decision, or a local council planning issue would use this service, and as in any legal issue, both parties are given an opportunity to present their case, and the judge will make a decision based on the information presented, which is very often on the spot, and therefore, it is essential that you prepare a strong case. State taxation and business licenses also come under this section, and for many businesses that are unhappy about their tax bill, this is the tribunal to use.
  • Human Rights – This section is primarily for discrimination of any form, with ethnic and religious issues also heard here, while health matters, information privacy and guardianship also fall under the umbrella of human rights.
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The many different industries that use this tribunal service include the following:

  • Medical Practitioners – Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and physiotherapists.
  • Law Enforcement Offices and Barristers.
  • Teaching Staff.
  • Childcare workers who have a problem obtaining the child care check.

If you application for employment within a government department is rejected, the tribunal will hear your appeal and review the case, taking into consideration the applicants work history, and in many cases, e decision can be overturned. Should your business is threated with any form of legal action, the chances are the VCAT will hear a review, and with a competent lawyer in your corner, you stand a good chance of having the decision reversed.

Obtaining a Satisfactory Outcome

For any party that is going through a legal dispute, reaching a satisfactory outcome is the goal. The tribunal is always very busy, and as each case is heard, more often than not, a decision is made on the spot. Without expert legal counsel, your chances of reaching a satisfactory result are greatly lessened, and if the result could seriously affect your company, you simply must get the best help available. Good legal counsel would consider all of the facts and would build up a strong case on your behalf, which they would present to the VCAT, and in many cases, this is all that is need to arrive at a satisfactory outcome.

Specialist Fields

Law encompasses many fields, and each has its own specialists, who represent clients on a daily basis, and it is this hands-on experience that you really can’t do without. Prior to the court date, your lawyer will have prepared a strong case, and with your best interests at heart, it is likely you will be happy with the outcome. Sourcing such a legal firm is best done via an Internet search, and in no time at all, you can be talking to an expert, and with a free initial consultation, you will very quickly determine where you stand. The sooner you make contact with a lawyer, the better, as this will allow him or her to examine the details closely, and with their expertise in such matters, you can be sure to have a strong case to present.

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By seeking the help of a relevant law firm, you are increasing the chances of a preferred outcome, and with so much at stake, can you really afford to do otherwise?

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