Outsourcing IT support is no easy decision and like any choice there will always be some plus points and negative points.

To make life easier for you, we’ve highlighted some of the major pros and cons to outsourcing your IT support. With this, you can establish what benefits outsourcing your IT services may have for your company.

The pros of outsourcing IT support

  1. Reduced costs

By outsourcing your IT support, you can reduce the costs that would previously be spent on creating or expanding an in-house team. For small businesses especially, if you can’t afford to hire a full-time employee, then outsourcing is a suitable solution.

  • Experienced support team

The team that are assisting you from an IT support company will be heavily experienced and knowledgeable, meaning you are getting an exceptional level of IT support. IT support companies will also have different members of their team who are experienced in different areas, which could help to bolster the experience that some of your in-house team have.

External support also means that in-house employees can be more focused on their main role within your business, freeing up more resources.

  • Access to the latest technology

Providers will always have the latest technology and innovations at their disposal to improve the services that they are providing, meaning you will get access to this too.

These days software and hardware are updated so frequently it is almost impossible to keep up with. Outsourcing your IT will save you a lot of time and energy researching and implementing the latest changes in technology.

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More flexibility

Firstly, from a support point of view, most companies will have the option of 27/7 assistance and a dedicated team on hand to deal with and issues night or day. This is vital for businesses that rely heavily on their IT systems, especially those that have automated systems for assisting customers.

Secondly, from a cost point of view, it is common for companies to offer you different levels of support at varying prices. This sort of flexibility is great and will allow you to get continued support in line with your current budget. Cons of outsourcing IT support

  1. Lack of control internally

By outsourcing your support, there is the potential for a larger time delay between communications about issues and queries. And in some cases, can slow down the diagnosis and recovery of an issue.

When it comes to important data being held outside of your business, it may take a lot longer to retrieve this. So, you may want to consider what is controlled by you and what is outsourced.

  • Contracts

Some support providers require contracts that tie you into staying with them for a certain amount of time, these types of contracts cannot be nullified. This means that you could end up stuck in an agreement that isn’t proving to be as beneficial as you hoped.

Before signing any contract, you must make sure that you are completely clear on all the terms presented and you feel comfortable with what is being agreed. You shouldn’t feel like you are signing your businesses soul away.

  • Foreign Support
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Depending on who your provider is, it is worth noting that in some cases 24/7 support outside of business hours may come from a foreign country and could have an impact on the quality of service you are being provided. Before signing on with any support service, ask about the 24/7 support options and whether they are automated, in another country or local.

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