The trappings of entrepreneurial success can be wonderful. They can mean great lifestyles, complimented by all the latest tech’ gadgets, homes and cars. What car you drive can say a lot about you as a person. Some cars just ooze the feeling of success and achievement and can present you in a new light. Even car number plates can complement your choices.

So, whilst it is sadly true that not everyone will welcome your statement (everyone knows what car their boss has), here we will focus only on the statement itelf and what are the best cars for entrepreneurs.

Mercedes S Class

Perhaps a little understated at times, but this suits some. The Mercedes speaks of success and hard work, without the need to be in your face about how well you’ve done. It is a discerning choice.

BMW 7 Series

Like the Mercedes, the BMW is recognised as top of its class for executive cars. It too comes with German reliability and performance, but doesn’t have to shout about it.

Audi 8 Series

No longer the other German brand, it has made a niche for itself based on the great cars that it produces. It also offers something a little different to the usual choices.


For those that like a little tech’ over tradition then the Lexus may be the car of choice. Reliable, and at times interesting, it gives another look to success.


In an increasingly environmentally aware World, what better statement to make, than you actual care! You sacrifice no performance, you gain in economies. That speaks a lot for you as an entrepreneur.

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A little bit more obvious to others, the Porsche is more likely to be noticed, but also appreciated by people who know their cars. A design that is classic, combines with a performance that’s enviable.Range Rover

Quintessentially British, big, bold and impactful. Able to cover all terrain, not just the car park, it may suggest that you’ve done well so far, but that you are still looking for places to go.


Once dogged by reliability issues, but no more, the Maserati is stylish, elegant but doesn’t half pack a punch. The engine noise alone is worth the investment.

Rolls Royce/Bentley

Perhaps the ultimate statement car for an Entrepreneur to buy. They are luxurious, instantly recognisable, and always commented upon. Sometimes the car can say more than the car number plates…

These are but a few cars in a World where there are so many. There is no perfect entrepreneurial car, because each entrepreneur is different – in character, in presentation and in business. What suits one, may not suit another, one may like loud and one may be more subtle.

What all of these cars are however are symbols of achievement. They each speak with a conviction and a persuasive tone that the owner has achieved. For entrepreneurs, sometimes this is recognition enough. Their cars can of course make statements, but in reality, they are often just an extension of the entrepreneurs themselves. Here’s to their success!

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