When it comes down to it, domain names are generally affordable. If you require a domain name, then don’t be so financially short-sighted as to skimp on buying it just save a small amount of money. You may regret this after.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What do we mean by having multiple domain names? Let’s say that your website’s name is www.diygoods.com. Purchasing other names mean acquiring domain extensions such as .nz, .biz, .net, .me, etc. or variations of your name (do it yourself goods, goodsdiy, etc.)

You may readily contact your original domain name registrant or web host to consult your desire to purchase domain names. Providers like Crazy Domains for instance, allows you to quickly and easily choose all available domain name extensions for your business.

In many cases, it’s appropriate to have multiple domain names and point them all to the same site. Here are the ways your online business benefits from multiple domain names.

You stop others from using it. Buying domain names, regardless if you will use it or not, prevents anyone else from using them. If you don’t take the other version of your domain name, it could be very easy for others to take them. If they do, this will spell unpleasant scenarios for you.

  • They could use the domain name and start passing themselves off as your brand or company. Chasing them will be a headache and stumbling block for your business.
  • They can just leave the domain name pointing to nothing in particular. And this is legal. Scary stuff, right?
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Expand your reach. You may primarily begin your business locally, but over the years your direction can flourish and move to a more global audience. If your business start branching into international markets, it is vital to have country-specific domains (.nz, .au, .uk, .ph, etc.) It is best to do this because search engines rank country specific domains higher than standard .com domain names. Use domain lookup tools to check if your desired domain name is still available.

Pre-empt spelling mistakes. If your domain name has a word that can be misspelt, it will hugely benefit you to buy the misspelt variants as well. For instance, ‘guarantee’ is one of the hundred most misspelt words. If your domain’s name was diyguarantee.com you should consider buying the domain diyguarentee.com (check the misspelling on the latter).

Better SEO execution. Keyword rich domains play a crucial part in search engine optimisation (SEO) execution and will no doubt boost traffic and your search engine discoverability.

Do not skimp on domain names. They are very affordable and adds huge value to your online presence, branding, and marketing efforts. If someone else gets a domain name you prefer, it is very difficult to get it off them—unless you’re willing to pay for it. Plan ahead and acquire as many as you think you need after careful planning.

Registering a domain name is fast and cheap. Simply use Google or go visit a business like Crazy Domains and use their domain name tools to see what’s available for your business.

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