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2018 will be the year of video content and video marketing. More viewers have access – and actually consume – video content on a regular basis, turning video marketing into the perfect opportunity for marketers. Videos are also more engaging and are very effective in delivering key messages.

Developing your own video content is a lot easier to do. What’s important is that you use video correctly to achieve the right objectives, which is why we are going to review some video content ideas you can implement right away.

Stories from Behind the Scene

One of the most successful types of video content on the market is storytelling video. There is an endless supply of stories to tell from your small business; you only need to pick a specific story and package it in a way that relates well to the audience.

Let’s say you’re developing a new product for your customers. Instead of doing the development yourself, get viewers involved by telling stories from different parts of the development process. You can then ask the audience to get involved and provide their input.

Another story you can tell is the story about you and how you started the business. Details such as life as a team member in the small business, the people who have been influenced by your company, and the communities around your business are also very interesting to explore.

Video on Landing

Videos are also great for delivering important information about your products and services. Explainer videos and how-to content are also very popular among viewers, especially when the explainer videos are made properly.

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You can use the combination of animations and video to better deliver your content. A clear explainer video requires planning and proper execution, but you now have top agencies such as Spiel Studios giving you access to the best videographers, animators, and other talent.

Once the content is ready, place the explainer video on your landing page. Visitors will instantly learn about your products and services, as well as how to fully maximize their benefits. You’ll be surprised by the boost in conversion you get once the video is added to the landing page.

Video Marketing Series

Content marketing is an effective digital marketing instrument because it focuses more on delivering value to the audience instead of promoting products and services. The same approach can be applied to your video contents, making video marketing the forefront of your digital presence.

You can produce a series of industry- or theme-related videos that actually deliver value to the audience. Product reviews, general tutorial videos (that don’t always relate to your products and services directly), and social videos are all great ideas to explore.

Social videos, in particular, are great for boosting exposure. You aim to get the video viral and to garner tons of exposure in the process. Short, snackable, funny videos are best for this purpose since you can post them on social media to get an instant response.

These video content ideas are all exciting to develop and will produce great results when integrated into a well-planned marketing campaign. Explore these (and other) ideas and start developing solid video content for your small business.

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