Knowing just how hard it can be to get a start in the business world, my door is always open to any and all of my employees across all my businesses for them to come in, pitch me on a business they might like to start and then possibly get it funded so that they can run it with me as an investor and partner. For some reason however, not very many of my employees have pitched me on any business, except for a few, two of which I’ve since given the green light and backed.

One of these business ventures is that of getting into electronic publishing, beyond something like my blog of course. I’m talking here selling e-books, but none of those dodgy ones which basically require the buyer to make money by re-selling the same e-book. There are plenty of these types of schemes and I felt I needed to mention it since that’s what quite a lot of people rather justifiably think when you tell them you’re selling e-books.

The e-books we sell are more technical in nature, discussing topics such as how one can go about fixing their Smartphone, with a step-by-step guide and diagrams, so too the likes of how to start a data recovery business in your garage, etc. Basically we package and sell information which buyers can actually use and it’s been going well up to so far.

I’m just not at liberty to discuss the exact details such as what the exact topics of those e-books are, simply because the former employee and now business partner who is overseeing this particular e-publishing operation has been agreed upon as the party between the two of us who is going to establish herself as an authority in the niche of e-publishing and perhaps even affiliate marketing. This is some gold which she can use to branch out into consultations and the likes, although I warned her to perhaps stay away from what appears to be the major craze of creating and selling training courses, coaching and the likes.

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What I am at liberty to share however is the strategy we use to have the e-books we sell created, something which I feel is important because the entire industry seems to have been given a bit of a bad name as a result of all the rubbish which is packaged into e-books and sold.

So basically what we do is target very specific markets and give the potential buyers and subsequent buyers so much more practical information than what they naturally anticipated, using the basic model of them essentially saving time if they buy the e-book over searching Google for the information they want. For example, the loved one of someone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident in a specific location such as Utah is very likely looking for the type of information which lists their options in Utah Motorcycle Lawyers, in which case spending a mere $5 on an e-book which lists their best options in that regard saves them a lot of time they might have otherwise spent sifting through all the junk mail and advertising dominating the search engine results.

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