It always makes for a bit of an uneasy feeling when as a business owner you’re fully aware of the fact that all your business basically comes through one or two major sources. If at least one of those major sales sources was to dry up or cease to exist completely, this could go as far as effectively crippling the entire business, so that’s why traditional marketing methods should always be continuously explored to try and boost business, for the simple reason that they actually work.

Word of Mouth

Word about a business that spreads organically usually starts out spontaneously, so in a sense word-of-mouth marketing is a bit of a paradox. In a world where your potential customers are likely suffering from information overload however, deploying so-called marketing foot-soldiers to spark the discussion about your business and services is a matter of necessity. Put questions out there by merely asking simple and seemingly innocent questions, like “When you’re trying to solve problem X, do you use product Y from company X?”

Assumed Corporate Social Responsibility

Some initiative is required on the front of assuming a corporate social responsibility role, but if done right it can be a very powerful mechanism through which to boost business. You’re endearing yourself to your community if for example you decide to host an event that in a sense forces the community members to participate, but it has to be associated with a genuine intention to make the community better in some or other way.

For example, how about hosting a local youth sporting event with some sort of prize money, the funds for which would perhaps have been redirected from the regular marketing and advertising expenditure of your business?

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If there is some value you can create out of thin air or value you can produce on the cheap, use that value to give away some freebies that can be traced back to your business / company. Everybody loves a freebie so even if you’re not in the business of manufacturing and selling t-shirts for example, printing your logo and slogan on a bunch of t-shirts and giving them away can go a long way to boost your business.

Trade Fairs

In a world where the typical marketing consultancy might quite justifiably focus on crafting a marketing campaign which is heavily driven by the digital world and the social networking world to be more specific, the likes of trade fairs may be overlooked as far as the allocation of the marketing budget goes. Big mistake!

Trade fairs and trade shows boost business in more ways than what you may think, but the trick is to make sure you stand out, perhaps with the deployment of custom trade show booths. The real trick to it however is that of not necessarily trying to push units through sales on the day and at the booth, but rather to make an impact with your branding and to provide your target market with means and ways through which to easily get in touch with you should they require more information or indeed if they want to make a purchase.

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