Cryptocurrency calculators have emerged as the most important tools for cryptocurrency traders. when cryptocurrency trading started to gain ground a couple of years back owing to the exponential rise in the value of top digital currencies chief among them Bitcoin, it was always evident that sooner rather than later, a tool would emerge meant at easing cryptocurrency trading. Besides, the wise men of the past once said, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ certainly it was necessary that software developers create a tool which would make life easier for the thousands of cryptocurrency traders.

Now with the cryptocurrency calculator being the tool of convenience for crypto traders, let’s look at some of the top features that come with this calculator and the benefits of these features to a crypto trader.

Release results in real time

Arguably, the most important aspect of the cryptocurrency calculator is that it releases its results in real time. When a trader is looking to trade different digital currencies at any given moment, it’s imperative that s/he does so knowing the real-time values of the digital currencies that s/he wants to trade in. without adequate knowledge of the real-time value of any cryptocurrency, life becomes difficult for the trader and s/he might lose a substantial chunk of money. This, therefore, demonstrates why a cryptocurrency calculator is such an important tool for crypto traders.

Supports most cryptocurrencies (and also conventional currencies)

A look at the internet will reveal that almost every month, there is an Initial Coin Offering or more being launched. What this means is that more and more cryptocurrencies are emerging adding to the already huge list of cryptocurrencies in circulation. Due to the flurry of digital currencies, it becomes extremely difficult for a trader to be aware of all the changes in the value of different cryptocurrencies. It is in this regard that the crypto calculator comes in handy. In addition, crypto calculators do not just use cryptocurrencies in all of their operations but they also use conventional currencies, it’s, therefore, another great advantage that most crypto calculators support a number of conventional currencies as this gives the trader a room to choose his/her preferred conventional currency.

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Able to pin cryptocurrencies and their values

There are some traders who specialise in just a few cryptocurrencies and for these traders, having to go through a long drop-down list each time they want to convert a digital currency may just be too overwhelming and daunting. It is in response to this that crypto calculators support pinning; a trader will just pin a few of the cryptocurrencies s/he trades in mostly and can quickly check to see their values from time to time. This saves a huge amount of time to the trader as checking for digital currency values and converting the cryptocurrencies becomes easier.

A free tool

When starting out in the cryptocurrency trading business, most traders want to minimise at all costs all expenses and it comes as a welcome development that traders can make use of this essential trading tool free of charge.

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