Business travelers are undeniably quite a different “breed” to every other type of traveler, mostly because they usually have the luxury of being able to spend more on their accommodation. This is true mostly because they often have some kind of business expense account to draw on, or they’ll be reimbursed for every penny they spend on their accommodation while out on a business deployment.

Additionally, if certain companies and organisations regularly send their employees on a business deployment to a certain area, they become big, regular clients of those establishments and usually get special prices or special packages put together just for them, which don’t necessarily equate to cheaper rates. So basically business travellers can pretty much choose what type of accommodation to stay in, but it makes for some very interesting reading exploring exactly what kind of options the majority prefer.

Ranked from least favourite to favourite

Traditional hotels

Given that traditional 4-5 star hotels appear to be the number one option for companies seeking accommodation for their deployed employees, you would think that this list was inverted and that these traditional hotels would be the favourite option for the deployed business travellers themselves. Surprisingly, it’s the least favourite, but often it’s just the most convenient for the HR at any company that’s arranging the trip.

Business travellers don’t much like the isolation of a sterile hotel room, even though they are fully aware of the idea behind it being a place where they can just come back and get some good rest after a long day working and to recharge their batteries.

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Still, traditional hotels as the preferred option for business travellers are more of pop-culture entertainment self-fulfilling prophecy, because in the movies they are always put up in these hotels, often bearing the most famous hotel chain brand names recognisable around the world.

All-inclusive resorts

Another surprise in the order of types of accommodation preferences among business travellers is that of all-inclusive resorts. After all, it comes in as the second-least favourite after traditional hotels, but perhaps here things make a bit more sense.

All-inclusive resorts are typically not designed for any kind of business at all, often exclusively built and marketed for a complete holiday getaway where all you want to do is relax and have a bit of fun.


Believe it or not, but business travellers really don’t mind staying at backpackers’ hostels, but there’s an asterisk next to this option because they prefer to take up lodging in the private rooms usually available as some kind of upgrade at hostel premises. They love being able to immerse themselves in the camaraderie if they have the time and energy, while still being able to escape to their own space for some privacy.

Serviced apartments

It’s not surprising then that serviced apartments come in as the top favourite by way of preferences for business traveller accommodation. The only real reason why they’d go exclusively for serviced apartments over a private room, in a hostel, is if they wanted a bit more exclusive luxury, like that which is offered at a luxury serviced apartment building.

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