If you’re self-employed and rely on a van to deliver stock, meet clients or even carry tools to your next job, you’ll know just how important a vehicle can be. But when you’re looking to grow your business and improve its image, do you really want a rusty white van pulling up outside of an important client meeting? Below, we’ve rounded up tips to update your van and bring it up to today’s modern standards – all without breaking the bank.

  1. Wrap it

Wrapping is one of the very best ways to give your vehicle a makeover, without spending a fortune. Wrapping can be cost-effective advertising, as you’ll be promoting your brand every time you drive into town, and you’ll also protect the paintwork of your vehicle from scratches and scuffs, which will save you money when it comes to reselling in the future.

  1. Clean it 

It sounds obvious, but dirty vans can reflect badly on your business. If you’ve been too busy to look after your van, consider sending it to a professional valeting company, who’ll be able to give it some tender loving care and bring it back to its former glory. Valeting doesn’t have to be expensive – you can get your van professionally cleaned and waxed for less than £50, and it’s a great way to update your vehicle without spending a fortune. If you want to save even more, then check out this YouTube video on how to clean a van with a dirty interior.

  1. Replace it

If your van is showing its age and no longer works efficiently, consider whether or not you’d be better off replacing it with an up-to-date model. Of course, we’re not saying you need to spend thousands of pounds on replacing your model, as that would defeat the purpose of this article. You could find that leasing a van is a good option for your business – not only does it give you access to a modern model, but you won’t require capital to purchase it outright, and you’ll be able to replace and upgrade it at the end of your contract hire period.

  1. Spray it
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After a couple of years driving on British motorways and parking in supermarket car parks, it’s only natural that your van is looking a little worse for wear. If you’ve got chips, scuffs or even dents and discolouring, consider getting your car professionally painted and filled in by a garage. It may cost you a couple of hundred pounds, but it’s another way of updating your van and keeping it in its best possible condition. Bodywork and finish may not be the cheapest thing to repair, but it can make all the difference and keep your van looking new.

By looking after your van and investing some money into it when you can, you’ll be able to maintain your image as a professional business owner, and also maintain the value of your van when it comes to reselling. Whatever you choose to do, good luck!

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