Planning your wedding is super-exciting, in large part because it’s a chance to throw a party with whatever theme you want. Sure, it gets busy and stressful at times, searching for the perfect wedding dress on sites like Pinterest and Azazie, so much that you’re suddenly craving nicotine for the first time in ages and buying Juul e-cigarettes in bulk. There’s so much to think about, from the perfect wedding venue to the seating arrangements at your dinner.

But there’s one thing you know for sure: your wedding is going to be travel-themed. You and your partner love travel, it’s your greatest passion, and that’s what you’re going to share with your family and friends. Here’s how:

1 Have fun with your wedding website 

The first thing your wedding guests are going to see, after receiving your wedding invitations, is your wedding website. And considering that it’s almost 2020, and all of us relate to movies like The Social Network and People You May Know, spending over four hours a day on our phones, it’s no surprise that the place where your wedding will metaphorically live–until the big day–is your website. So this is a chance to get creative.

If you and your partner don’t have the web design skills necessary to put together online invitations that look like vintage maps, or the ability to crop a picture of your last trip for the main image, there’s no need to worry. Luckily, you can use a free design site, full of templates, like, to make the perfect wedding website.

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2 Play with postcards 

Who doesn’t love a vintage postcard? An old black and white picture of Paris, a Frenchman and Frenchwoman sitting at a table at a cafe near the Eiffel Tower, clearly in love in the city of love? According to Buzzfeed, a great way to create a personalized guest registry is by having guests pick a postcard from a pile, and sign the guestbook that way. It’ll give them some room to really express how they feel, and at the end of the wedding, they’re easy to collect.

Postcards can also be used as wedding invitations, too. And considering that the average cost of a wedding was $35,329 in 2016, this can save you money on buying complicated stationery. From 55printing, for example, you can get tons of postcards printed starting at $9.95.

3 Make the registry all about travel 

One of the most exciting things about getting married–don’t worry, you don’t have to admit it to any of your friends–is the registry. These days, it’s especially true, because the registry isn’t just about pots and pans that you don’t need anymore. Now, there are ways to get money online or have your friends pay for experiences (umm, travel, anyone?). 78 percent of millennials choose to spend money on experiences instead of things, so it’s no surprise that online registries are changing to reflect this.

Honeyfund, an app, is one of the easiest ways you can raise money for your registry. For more inspiration on how far this can go, check out this list from on unique wedding registry ideas.

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4 Travel with your guests–metaphorically

 Considering that the average cost of a wedding dress in the US is $1,564, according to a study by The Knot, we’re not going to expect any happy couple to shoulder the burden of paying for their guests to travel. And we’re not going to expect you to expect your guests to travel halfway around the world to watch you get married, either (although there are some ways to save money on that, too, which you can check out here).

But you can still metaphorically take your guests on a journey. Every table can have its own city as a theme–and these cities could represent different places you and your significant other have traveled, from where you met to where you went on your first trip together. Another great idea is giving each guest a boarding pass or travel tag, like in this article from the Knot, so that they know where their seating assignment is.

5 Make kids’ activities travel themed 

If there are going to be any kids at your wedding, then it’s yet another opportunity to up the presence of travel. From providing them with crayons to draw on maps with, or to color blown-up black and white pictures of cities with, they’re sure to be entertained at the kids’ table. Additionally, take a look at this travel activity box to get inspired with what you can provide them with to stay entertained the entire time.

Drawing is an important part of a child’s development, in fact, so whatever you do, don’t forget the crayons!

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As you can see, there are lots of fun, exciting ways to make your wedding travel-themed. Do you have any other ideas for our readers?

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