Making an event bigger doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a larger venue, although it can. Smaller events can punch above their weight when they make a big impact and linger in the memories of those who attend.

What goes into planning and running a corporate event is often miscalculated. Having established which equipment or supplies are needed, you will also need to consider contingency plans should it rain during an outdoor event, managing health and safety (from power cables etc.), and the extent of the clean up afterwards.

You’ll need to contract different suppliers for each aspect as, for instance, a specialist seating and staging company won’t provide your catering, and the guys who do the lighting will expect to be briefed on the type of staging they’re to work with.

Having said that, here are the three main aspects that will make your corporate event run smoother and seem bigger and better to those attending:

Imaginative Food

Give your catering a creative twist with these ideas that include tips from food fashion and trends, incorporating DIY elements:

  • When you’re providing quick food – why not bring in higher end food trucks or carts? Even standard fayre such as burgers can be dressed up and turned into something memorable when high grade meats and accompaniments, or a special presentation, are used.
  • Raise buffets to a higher level -Think of ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet restaurants where people can create their individual version of ‘fusion’ cuisine and you get the idea. Also, by adopting this approach to catering, people with allergies or other dietary restrictions are more easily catered for than creating a separate menu at a sit-down dinner.
  • Elevate food trucks to pop-up restaurants – creating dining arenas that offer different types of food, cooked freshly and served properly, is sure to encourage prolonged conversations which, hopefully, will revolve around the business reason behind your event.
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Create a Grand Entrance

Nothing stirs a sense of anticipation like a dramatic or beautiful entrance.

  • Use Lighting – coloured lights make the most boring of doorways come alive, especially outdoors at night, but can also be used to great effect indoors during daylight hours.
  • Use Flowers – they’re not just for weddings. Flowers lift any atmosphere, so drape them over doorways and echo the theme on tables if you’re hosting a dinner.
  • Use Tunnels – marquee tunnels create a sense of anticipation, while LCD tunnels can be programmed with marketing or brand messages.

Get the Seating and Staging Right

This aspect of corporate events is arguably the most important. Event staging is highly specialised, so expect this to be a dedicated service. Companies such as Alistage, for instance, have a huge range of staging, barriers, stairways and podiums, and will offer advice on what you need when you describe your venue and event type.

Things to consider when planning include:

  • Tiered seating – gives a clear view of the speaker or show, and encourages participation.
  • Barriers and screens – trade shows of all kinds need stalls and barriers to direct movement and cordon off certain areas.
  • Domed stage canopies – provide weather protection and focus audience attention where it’s needed.
  • Steps, stairs and ramps – creating access ease, and increasing usable space in a venue.
  • Bar systems – bespoke refreshment centres for attendee comfort or business promotion.

Organising any corporate event takes careful planning with many different facets to pull together. Knowing the most important areas is half the battle to making any occasion seem even bigger and better.

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