Although I’m more than proud of how far I’ve come in my career as an entrepreneur, I wouldn’t say I’m quite where I’d ultimately like to be. Perhaps one could say the five-year plan of five years ago has been realised and slightly overachieved as well, but goal posts shift in the world of business and the higher up you climb the better your view of so many other paths you can take, so there’s always in a sense a new five-year plan.

As with many entrepreneurs however who can just feel it in their blood that they’re on the right track and that one day all the hard work they put in is going to pay off in a big way, there are some promises I made to myself which I think I’m due on — things you promise you’ll do for yourself the very moment you can turn around, look back on the journey so far and say that you’ve made it.

On a lighter note, one of these promises I made to myself was to dust off a disc I’d burned with my favourite “success tunes”, featuring songs like “Luxurious” by Gwen Stefani, but on more of serious note another promise I made to myself was to fund up-and-coming entrepreneurs who may find themselves in a similar situation to the one I was in while I was still up-and-coming — up-and-coming entrepreneurs whose minds are brimming with ideas and yet somehow they just can’t gain access to the funding they need to turn those ideas into reality.

There’s a catch however. There’s always a catch, isn’t there? So the catch was that I play polar opposite to the banks in that I go for those crazy ideas banks and even other traditional funding institutions wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. So not just the banks — I mean banks are the worst of the lot in terms of risk assessment associated with a business. The condition was to fund even those ideas which something like a hedge fund would think are a bit too crazy, but therein lies a window of opportunity which is not necessarily something these traditional funders forego investing in because they don’t see a future in them, but rather just because the particular venture doesn’t fall in line with their investment strategy.

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The outcome?

I got some reaffirmation of the age old knowledge that you never stop learning in business and in life, because after I put an advert in the paper to solicit entrepreneurs who wanted funding for their crazy ideas, I received many which showed me the true meaning of earning a living doing what you love. One lad was happily making money enjoying live casino online games for the better part of each day and he wanted some funding to scale up his operation and create additional revenue streams through sharing strategies and soliciting sponsorships.

Dare I say I’m a bit envious of him in that he has actually found something he would do even if he wasn’t getting paid for it and actually making money out of it!

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