When the permanently employed staff of any company really sneaks a peek into the world of consultants and their consultation jobs, each of those employees perhaps wishes they may have been consultants who get paid on a per-contract basis as opposed to often feeling like they’re doing a lot more work for a lot less pay. Yes, the truth is consultants do earn more than permanently employed staff which in some instances does the exact same job as the consultant, but the scales balance out a bit because consultants don’t get to enjoy the same employee benefits a permanently employed staff member does.

A consultant is likely not on the company’s medical aid for instance, which is normally hugely discounted if that company subsidises the medical insurance for all their employees and makes use of the same insurer for all of them. So whatever the consultant earns on each job they’re taking on has to take that and a lot of other considerations into account. Also, since consultants often work on a per-contract basis, sometimes they can go months on end without a contract and effectively without a means through which to generate an income.

This brings to light the types of consultants which are in existence, with special focus on the types of consultants which are worth patronising.

Everybody is a consultant these days, right? So you have to be able to make the distinction between someone who’s been without a job for some time and chooses to refer to themselves as a consultant and someone like Andrew Argue, accounting consultant.

If you look at Andrew’s digital footprint what you’ll find is somewhat of a template for gauging the authenticity and the quality of what running a consultancy is all about

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Andrew Argue BBB review: to be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau is no mean feat and what it simply means is that you’re in good standing with some customers you’ve serviced who are only happy about your service. So I’d say indicators such as a good BBB listing are great tools with which to gauge the authenticity of a consultant, whatever field they may be offering their consultation services in.

Now, just as is the case with any Andrew Argue review you’ll come across online and perhaps take the time to read, you’ll notice that reputation speaks volumes because reputation simply gives one a preview of the kind of service they can expect to get from any consultant they’re considering working with. There’s just no substitute for the experiences of other clients who’ve gone before you and give a first-hand account of how the product or service worked out for them, but in addition to a positive track record and good standing with recognised bodies such as the BBB, the mark of a consultant you can take a punt in good faith on is one which specialises in a specific field, not a broadly defined consultant who offers their services across a broad spectrum of sectors, many of which are unrelated.

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