Finding the right investments to make in your business is difficult, particularly as the UK heads into a recession that will likely threaten the existence of a lot of different businesses. Many have used the spare time in lock-down to think of areas where they could improve their business, and with more sales now being done online, a lot of businesses have looked to improve their SEO strategy with the help of an expert agency.

Getting outside consultancy can help you work out what you are doing wrong as a company and how your website could improve. Additionally hiring an SEO agency for retainer work can also remove the need for recruiting inhouse and training staff.

In today’s article, we have a look at some of the main business benefits that can be experienced by working with an SEO agency and how it helps your business.

  1. An Expert SEO agency will keep your strategy ahead of the competition

Staying up to date with new developments is very important in SEO. The nature of this type of marketing means it is constantly changing and sometimes a read of a new blog post or newsletter can make the difference between a missed opportunity and a big win for your website. Google’s Algorithm updates are a prime example of this and it is important to go with an SEO agency that knows of the latest updates and acts accordingly.

The constantly changing landscape of SEO provides plenty of opportunity for growth and development. But there are a few fundamentals to always keep in mind.

  • Make sure that you are providing the best content you can
  • Ensure your site is well optimised from a technical point of view
  • Stay away from ‘black-hat’ SEO tactics
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Following these simple rules and keeping up to date with the latest industry knowledge will help you stay ahead of the game.

  1. Your content creation will improve and benefit all areas of your business

Many people underestimate the importance of good content when it comes to good SEO. Google always wants to answer the searches question, and good content is often the way to do that. Make sure you have plenty in the form of videos, written blog posts and even podcasts. All these different channels have the potential to increase your search engine performance and when combined with good technical SEO can be great for your overall business strategy.

  1. Higher targeted search rankings can improve visibility

Getting good visibility on your site is good for your overall business. Higher traditional search engine rankings and positions on areas like Google Maps and Shopping are great opportunities for getting in front of new customers.

The other great thing about appearing on these listings is they are free! You do not have to pay to be shown on a lot of the Google SERP results and Google has also announced that parts of its shopping results will now be organic as appose to paid. If you hire a good SEO agency you will be able to take advantage of this new free digital real estate.

  1. SEO also includes optimization of your websites for conversions

A Lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they can get their business to the top of Google it will instantly improve traffic and sales. Whilst it may improve the former if your website’s conversion patch is not optimised, you will not get the sales to make your business profitable.

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An expert SEO agency will not only optimise the site for search engines but people as well. Areas like calls to action, shopping cart processes and web-design can all be developed and optimised to get the most sales for your website.

Find an SEO agency who understands the different aspects of business

SEO is not a method that will work well in isolation, it needs to be done with considerations given to other areas of the business. This will stop the SEO agency from targeting unprofitable products and keep your business successful. One of our top tips is to go with an agency that offers PPC in addition to SEO. This will help you develop a short-term strategy whilst also working on long term sustainability.

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