The packaging that we use to deliver goods to customers can have a seriously big impact on the way our brand is perceived both by the competition and the people we are trying to target.

Whilst bad packaging is a threat to be wary of, taking the time to design great packaging for your customers is a massive opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Here we will discuss some of the key points to bear in mind when designing your businesses custom printed paper bags.

Keep the design as simple as it can be

When it comes to the design of your paper bag you should try to match the complexity of the design to the printing method. Do not underestimate the impact a simple colour contrasting design can have. You can also mix and match the finish of your design to create a more multi-layered custom paper bag.

Ensure the colours are compatible with the printing method you are going for

Getting the correctly shaped design is only the first step in creating the perfect custom printed paper bag. Once you have it, you have to consider the materials, finishes and printing method. When you are doing your design consider how it will look in both a matte and glossy finish.

The material you use for your handle is another consideration you must make when designing your custom paper bag. Twisted paper handles work well however if you want to add some more class to the product we recommend going with ribbon handled ones. Match this with the colour of your design and you will be onto a winner, plus if your bag has a durable handle you customers will matte a lot more use out of it.

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Go through a custom paper bag manufacturer who can print bags in a variety of styles

When creating your custom printed paper bag getting the design right is crucial to getting the right branding across to your customers. Any defects will detract from the perceived quality of your business. With that in mind, make sure you only buy paper bags that are from an experienced supplier.

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