Hosted email services use the cloud to remove any need for on-site server hardware and management. Internet access is all that’s required, and you can access your email by simply logging in through a secure site.

Switching to hosted email might seem like an insignificant action, and perhaps an unnecessary one for smaller businesses. In fact, it is just those small businesses that can benefit enormously, and here’s how.

Conveys Professionalism

Most hosted email services allow you to use your own domain name instead of ‘’ or ‘’. Few small business owners understand how much more professional it seems to deliver from ‘@yourdomain’ instead. It makes you look more serious about your enterprise, and it suggests that your business is a proper venture instead of something on the side. Better yet, a custom domain address will improve brand recall.

Improve Customer Experience

Strong customer service is a vital part of any small business, and hosted emailing can help you provide it. Use it to collaborate and share data with clients as and when you want to, and access your account from anywhere to contact them when they need you.

Enhanced Security

Hosted email services are exceptionally secure. Your messages, calendar, and contacts are stored in highly-protected data centres guarded by multiple resilient firewalls, and cloud-based security and segmentation keeps everything protected. All inbound email will pass through state of the art anti-spam and anti-virus programs.


Server hardware costs money and demands regular maintenance. Those expenses can really add up over the months and years. Hosted services eliminate those costs since they don’t require any hardware to be kept in your office. Instead, you’ll have a simple and affordable monthly payment plan.

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Integrated Archiving Technology

You might be thinking that free email accounts through Gmail, MSN, and Hotmail will serve just as well as a paid hosting service, but they miss the easily searchable and accessible archiving that make those paid hosted email services so useful for businesses both large and small.

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