Insurance is not an entirely pleasant thing to think about – many people begrudge it because it is seen as an expense, and insurance is by nature associated with negative incidents and unfortunate events. However, it’s a crucial part of our survival, and we only realize this when something bad happens. Here’s the good news: thebest small business insurance online isn’t necessarily expensive, and when you find a great insurance provider, there are a lot of headaches and worry that disappear.

Insurance isn’t just for big businesses; every enterprise benefits from having a safety net. Do you run or own a small enterprise? Here’s why your small business needs to be insured today.

It’s required

Yes, it’s required by law – and while this may not be the most ‘feel good’ reason to make sure you have insurance, it’s certainly a good way to avoid any possible legal problems in the future. Issues such as worker’s compensation, unemployment, and disability are regulated and your business needs to be legally compliant with such labor regulations.

Acts of God

The term ‘Acts of God’ is a term used to indicate situations or incidents which could not have been predicted or prevented, such as flooding, typhoons, fire due to lightning strikes, and other accidents which are not created by human hands. It’s good to know you are insured when massive damage has occurred by such seemingly random events.

Employee protection

Having insurance is not just about preparing for the worst – for thinking about what happens when the sky falls down. It’s also about making sure your employees are protected from any untoward events, or at least making sure there is help when unfortunate incidents do take place.

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Legal protection

It may be a sign of the times (it certainly wasn’t like this a few decades ago), but we seem to live in a very litigious society, where people are suing each other for often the most ridiculous things, rather than settling it among themselves. Don’t think it can’t happen to you or your business. With insurance, you have legal protection as well.

Legitimacy and morale

Don’t forget that having insurance makes you legitimate and credible, and this means a lot to employee morale. Happy employees are better employees.

The main reason is, of course, that the future is unpredictable and unfortunate events do happen – that’s what insurance is all about – and we all need a safety net for when things go wrong. Just like a mountain climber insures himself by attaching himself to the rocks with a rope, your business needs to ensure that when it falls, it’s only a short distance. Growth and expansion happen step by step; and with the knowledge that when things go wrong, there’s something there – in the form of the best small business insurance online – to catch you.

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