The responsibility of being a police officer is huge.  There’s a whole lot to be done to make the world a safer and more secure place, and the work of a police officer is never finished.  

Every day presents new challenges, and it takes a special person to bear the weight of these challenges with class.  Police officers have to get down into the darkest areas of society, and it takes an array of skills to equip yourself to handle the job.  

If you’re considering a career as a police officer, take a quick look at a few skills you will need to be effective and efficient at your job.  

You need effective communication skills

Communication in the line of duty is vital.  Good communication skills could mean the difference between life and death for yourself and the people who surround you.  

Learning to speak more than one language fluently is a big perk for a police officer, especially if you work in a diverse area.  Anytime you have the opportunity to invest time in educating yourself on various communication skills, you should take the boost.  

Officers need thorough weapons training

As a police officer, you will likely have a handgun at your side while on duty.  It’s important that you are thoroughly trained in the skills needed to properly handle a Glock handgun.  Guns are lethal, and it’s vital that every officer is skilled and trained in how to use their weapon.  

You need to be capable of empathy and compassion

Empathy and compassion are a huge part of any public service position.  As a police officer, you are definitely in the line of public service.  You will need to know when it is appropriate to make an arrest or simply diffuse a situation.  

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You will need a heart that is opened to helping others.  A police officer is often faced with some very morally challenging situations, and your mind needs to be aligned with your heart in the worst of times.  

Police officers need active listening skills

To be efficient at your job as a police officer you have to know how to communicate, but you also need to have good active listening skills.  Listening to potential suspects is a crucial part of being able to accurately deduce what is going on in any given situation.  

Skills in conflict resolution are crucial

There are plenty of uncomplicated days working in law enforcement, but the complicated situations are definitely not hard to find.  As a police officer, you need the skills necessary to find resolution in the midst of conflict.  Diffusing situations is a big part of the job you swore into after graduation.  

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