Vaping is taking the world by storm as smokers, concerned about the health effects of their habit, are turning to e-cigarettes as a safe-ish alternative that they can live and work with.  Experts largely agree that inhaling vapors through this means reduces health risks by as much as 95%, vastly reducing the threat of cancer, stroke or other smoking-related illnesses.

Entrepreneurs have been quick to take advantage of this healthy revolution in the nation’s habits and behavior.  Here are six of the ways in which quick-thinking business people have managed to cash in:

  1. Design Your Own Range of e-Liquids

Whereas smoking involves the inhalation of nicotine, vaping is about taking in liquids which have been manufactured in an increasingly exotic range of interesting flavors.  Come up with your own which appeals to customers and you could soon be making serious dollar.  Unusual flavors presently on the market include pina colada, bubblegum, ice mint, Red Bull and birthday cake!

  1. Manufacture Your Own Vaping Products

Vaping equipment comes in a number of shapes and sizes according to preference, a fine example being the vape pen as seen here at  There is still plenty of room in this developing market for new ideas and designs.

  1. Distribute Vaping Products and e-Cigarettes

Many brands are offering wholesale distribution partnership arrangements, often with exclusive licenses to operate in certain areas.  By getting in quickly entrepreneurs are earning good money making and managing distribution deals, and capturing important segments of the market.

  1. Open a Vaping Kiosk

If the overheads involved in opening up a dedicated shop strike you as being prohibitive, one option might be to set up a simple kiosk at your local street market or in a shopping mall.  Familiarize yourself with the appropriate legislation governing what you can and cannot do and benefit from all the foot traffic passing through the neighborhood.  Once you have established a presence it is important to build your reputation which will inevitably grow your customer base.

  1. Build an Online Vape Shop
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Even less investment is required if your shop is virtual.  The first thing that is needed is a good website in which are products are clearly itemized and priced, however this in itself will not bring you much by way of custom.  In order to be successful in building an online store some familiarity with search engine optimization and marketing is an absolute must.  Monitor your website’s performance to gain a better understanding of who your visitors are and where they are coming from.

  1. Join Affiliate Programs

One much easier way to sell products online is to become an affiliate, an arrangement whereby you are promoting somebody else’s shop through your own web presence and amongst your own followers and visitors.  Again a good knowledge of SEO and marketing techniques is essential but this is a skill which can be picked up and developed along the way.  When the host company makes a sale through your efforts you receive an agreed percentage share or commission.


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