Perhaps it is true that your understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t have to be deeply technical. That said, you do need to k now what it is, how it works and most importantly of all, how it can help your business. So whether you know nothing, just a little, or think that you know it all when it comes to SEO, this blog will open your eyes to the wonders of SEO and all you need to know. In the end you may still want to engage one of the various SEO services in the UK, or you may just decide to keep everything in house. Whatever your decision, it will be a truly informed one. Read on for more.


SEO is a generic term for all of the practices a business can undertake to make their website more visible and get more traffic. Visibility in this instance means how high up the list of search engine results your business appears. The higher up, the more likely it is to get a look, hence more traffic. In turn, more traffic should mean more business, provided the site works, but for now let’s concentrate on getting the traffic there in the first place.


A well-constructed site should be easy to navigate for the end user. It should take them through the process of interest to purchase, without losing their attention, and hence business. Search engines index sites quickly so having a great site with positive SEO can help you be found by potential new clients.

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The big search engines look for a number of factors including relevancy, the quality of content, user experience, speed and cross compatibility, together with internal linking. They will also filter out content, titles, links, comments and social media. They do not like keyword stuffing, ask any SEO services in the UK and they will say that repeating keywords (i.e. words used in searches) over and over can in fact be detrimental. The search engines are also looking to avoid excessive link building and “annoying” ads. They will find out any hidden links or text and you’ll suffer as a result. Finally duplication is a big no.

Your business needs to be found in order to thrive. Like a physical store it needs footfall, or traffic. The quality of traffic is also key, good potential increases conversion rates meaning a better return on any monies invested in your SEO practices. Your site is key, the content is crucial. It needs to be positively constructed, updated and be interactive. Think of a great reviews section where potential clients can read real reviews and any negative reviews are seen to be dealt with professionally and speedily. Think of blogs, tutorials and guides. This isn’t giving away free information, it is demonstrating your skillset!

At the end of the day, SEO is a science, get it right and get traffic, get it wrong, well let’s not think about that here. It isn’t as tricky as physics though, so don’t worry. You just need to make a start and keep on top of it throughout whether internally or outsourced. In business moving up isn’t easy, but it’s better than having to move on.

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