If you’re keen to secure a quick property sale, you may well be asking ‘what’s the best way to sell a house fast?’

When it comes to selling our homes, most people opt to sell through the traditional open market using an estate agent. But did you know it takes 5-6 months on average in the UK to sell your home through this method?

What’s more, the time and energy we spend putting our homes on the market, waiting for interest, arranging viewings all to gain a buyer can prove a stressful process.

So, what are the alternatives to selling through the traditional open market?

There are many alternatives to selling your home on the open market. Here are just a few different methods you may not have considered:

Sell your house at a property auction

When a property auction goes well, you can achieve your asking price and reduce some of the lengthy delays associated with the open market.

However, you must enter this method of selling a house with caution. There are no guarantees you will sell your property on the day of auction. Regardless if your property sells or not you will still be liable for the marketing and listing fees, leaving you back at square one and out of pocket!

There is also an assumption that selling a property via auction is a quick way to sell a house. Although it is quicker than the open market route, you are still looking at 2-3 months on average.

Sell your property directly to a cash home buying company

If you are looking to sell your house fast then selling direct to a genuine cash home buying company is definitely the quickest way to achieve a house sale. However, cash home buying companies will not pay full market value. Instead they offer to buy your house at a reduced rate in exchange for a guaranteed, hassle-free house sale. In most cases, a genuine cash home buyer can buy a house in as little as 7 days if required.

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Sell your property privately

With the explosion of online home listing sites in recent years, selling your house privately is becoming more possible and more mainstream. Let’s face it, no estate agent knows your home better then you, so you are in the best position to sell, plus, save on fees!

When selling your home privately you should make yourself aware of local market conditions and price your house correctly and fairly. When you come to list your property, you must show it in its best light. This means good-quality photos and a comprehensive description. Floor plans and EPC ratings should also be included.

You will also need to consider setting time aside to arrange viewings, negotiate the price and accept an offer, without the intermediary of an estate agent.


Selling your house is a big deal and there isn’t one solution that fits all. Everyone is in their own unique situation and what might be the perfect fit for one home seller won’t be for another.

Ultimately, have to research your options, weigh out the positives and negatives of each, make a decision and feel comfortable with the decision you make before proceeding!

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