Most people dream of being their own boss, making their own schedule, and working from anywhere in the world. For more than 3.7 million people, that’s reality.

If you’re part of the workforce who spends each day café hopping to catch the best Wi-Fi signal, you should seriously consider traveling beyond your corner coffee shop. You’ve got the freedom to work from anywhere in the world – why not travel the globe and become a digital nomad?

Your dream of traveling is perfectly compatible with your life as a remote worker, and here’s how you can get started:
Tip #1: Join a remote worker travel program

Several programs have been launched to help remote workers travel and experience the world. We Roam is one of those programs. Applicants are selected based on some pretty tight criteria, but it’s not impossible to get accepted.

When you work and travel with We Roam, you will be provided the best accommodations (no hostels), and will have access to shared workspaces with 24/7 access. You’ll be able to get your work done and connect with people across the world anytime you need. You’ll also be provided with transportation during the program.

You’ll experience weekly professional development sessions featuring speakers, networking events, and workshops. You’ll go on monthly excursions like hikes, picnics, boating adventures, and trips to local festivals. You’ll also be immersed in local culture a couple times a month through wine tastings, dance classes, and visits to museums.

Another exciting program is Remote Year. Every year, a new community of freelancers and entrepreneurs are chosen to travel together for a year, living in 12 different cities around the world while working on their business.

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You’ve got the freedom to do it, so why not apply?

Tip #2: Derive inspiration from ancient cities

Forget about being awed and inspired by photos of ancient cities in your high school history books. Those flat, 2-dimensional, outdated text books don’t cut it.

If you’re a freelance blogger, writer, or creative professional, visiting historical cities in person will be one of your best sources of inspiration. One look at Palatine Hill in Rome and inspiration will just flow. Palatine Hill is where the she-wolf found Romulus and Remus, saving them from death. Years later, the brothers built a city on the banks of the Tiber river. That city is what we now call Rome.

There are over 100 notable things to do in Rome, and all of them set the perfect stage for generating creativity and inspiration. You don’t need to be a travel writer to benefit from these sights.

Don’t put visiting Rome on your bucket list – scratch it off before you write it down.

Tip #3: Know that you can be productive while you travel!

One remote worker, named Jason Lengstorf, published a detailed account of his epic adventure abroad. He didn’t just decide to travel, he let his apartment lease expire, sold nearly everything he owned, stashed the rest in a storage unit, and headed to Italy. His intention was to spend a full year working abroad, living in Airbnb rentals.

As a seasoned traveler, he saw a drop in productivity during his travels, mostly due to a large list of things to explore and not enough time. With a little math and time blocking skills, he was able to maximize his productivity without sacrificing his travel adventures.

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He also discovered it was just as cheap, or cheaper, to travel as it was to sustain his own apartment. He didn’t have to pay monthly bills like electricity, water, garbage, cable, internet, or other utilities. Everything was included in his Airbnb rentals, and Wi-Fi at local cafes is usually free.

Tip #4: Learn the value of expanding your worldview

It’s easy to hold beliefs about other cultures that aren’t true. Even what we’ve been taught in history isn’t always true. History was written by the victors, and can’t always be trusted. You’d be surprised to learn what’s actually true, versus what the media portrays.

Ditch the cubicle for the life of a digital nomad

Working remotely is only exciting if you’re in an exciting environment. You didn’t land a remote gig to stare at your own office walls all day. Get on a plane and travel the world for a dynamic change of scenery. Meet new people, experience new cultures, and taste new food. Your travel experiences will enrich your life and bring more passion to everything you do.


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