A List of Startup Items for a Catering Business

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If you enjoy cooking, entering the catering industry might just be a good idea. After all, there are just so many people who managed to make their entrepreneurial dream come true by starting their own catering business and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same. But what exactly do you need to launch a small catering business? Read on to find out.…continue reading →
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How AI and Robot Adoption Affects Worker Safety

The influence of artificial intelligence (“AI”) on the American workplace is, in many industries, already being felt.  This trend is destined to continue, and strengthen exponentially, as AI technology develops and its uses increase in ubiquity as it becomes more and more sophisticated, usable and understood by the business community.  One fairly obvious way in which AI is very likely to disrupt workplaces around the country is through the adoption of sophisticated, intelligent robots and robotic systems that are capable of performing tasks once reserved for human workers exclusively.  The extent to which AI will permeate all types of workplaces is yet unknown, but it appears likely to affect nearly every worker in every industry nationwide as the technology continues to develop in astounding ways and at a fast pace.    …continue reading →
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The Digital Aspects of PR

Digital PR is not an option, it’s a necessity in today’s world. Digital PR specialists like Ceres PR utilise the full spectrum of digital platforms and opportunities to achieve their client’s goals. Whilst traditional PR through events and presentations still plays an important role, as consumers increasingly move online to shop and make decisions so too must the brand and products requiring attention and conversions to sales. Even within a limited character social media post, there must be a pull towards the brand.…continue reading →
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The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Resource Management

Resource management is an abstract skillset used by a variety of different positions and business leaders. For example, entrepreneurs need to manage both investment capital and human resources wisely if they want to succeed, and project managers need to keep their employees, contractors, vendors, and budgets in order if they want the client to be satisfied. Few positions require resource management quite as much as project portfolio management (PPM), however, as project portfolio managers need to think about resources on every level, from high-level enterprise planning to the individual workers executing tasks to accomplish the vision.…continue reading →
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The Big Business of Sports Sponsorship

It really rubs me up the wrong way hearing some people asking questions like “Why do we give footballers so much money and yet we pay nurses, firemen and policemen a fraction of what these sports stars earn?” I mean they’re not involved in any of the sports sponsorship deals and so they can’t claim any ownership of the money “given to footballers” and other sports stars, can they?…continue reading →
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Vintonville Business

A Streetwise Approach to Starting and Running a Business

I’m not suggesting that anyone harbouring aspirations of making it in the business world should completely shun the idea of attending business colleges such as Harvard Business School, London School of Business and the likes, but in my humblest opinion one can only really learn about business by being in…Keep reading
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