Mis-Selling Regulations

Mis-Selling Regulations For Vacation Club and Apartment Owners

If you know anything about the Credit Card Purchase Process, or any industry for that matter, you will no doubt have heard of the new "mis-selling" regulations. These new Federal Regulations were created as a response to the widespread abuse of credit card companies by consumers. These new regulations are…Keep reading
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Mis Selling

Common Mis-Selling Techniques Used by Life Insurance Sales People

Mis-selling of insurance policies is one of the biggest factors that can result in loss of business and loss of income. Mis-selling can be described as misleading the policy holder to believe that the policy is still valid, when in actuality it is no longer valid. This is done by…Keep reading
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Euro Zone

What is Eurozone?

The idea of what is eurozone may sound a bit strange to you. After all, you are probably thinking that a currency zone refers to the area around the world where currencies are issued and traded. In the case of the eurozone, the monetary union is actually a set of…Keep reading
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Business Loan Form

How Do You Get a Business Loan?

Business loans are currently among the most popular forms of commercial financing available to entrepreneurs seeking to begin a new business. Yet the decision of whether or not to apply for such a business loan is an important decision to be taken gingerly, and certainly not one to be taken…Keep reading
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15 Ways To Grow Into An Effective Salesperson

Are you a salesperson who relies on selling a product or service for a living? If so, then you need to be the best salesperson you can be in order to make the most of your career and life. If you want to be an effective salesperson, and one of…Keep reading
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Make An Impact Online With These Digital Marketing Tips

If your digital marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you had hoped to see, then you may need a tune up.  Refining your digital marketing efforts regularly is a huge part of growing your response and boosting visibility online.   A successful digital marketing campaign is one formulated to draw views,…Keep reading
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Why Modern Healthcare Practices Prefer To Outsource Medical Billing Services?

After the global pandemic of COVID-19, healthcare practitioners are dealing with a host of social-economic crises. In order to cope up with upcoming financial challenges, modern medical practitioners tend to outsource medical billing services to healthcare BPO companies. The major question is; why do they prefer this solution for medical…Keep reading
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How to Estimate Risk-Reward Ratio for A Trade in Forex Trading

Trading in Financial market like Forex requires a trader to deal with an amount of uncertainty to make a specific amount of gain. Trades with higher yielding rate and less uncertainty are the ideal ones for traders. As such trades promise to yield more profit than their projected risk volume.…Keep reading
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Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategies With These Helpful Tips

Digital marketing is an exciting element of business. The power of digital access to the world gives businesses of all shapes and sizes a wider reach and a more level playing ground.   Small business owners have a chance to stand up next to large corporations when they have a solid…Keep reading
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How to Calculate and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

You may have heard the opinion that it costs 5-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. This myth has origins. Back in the 1980s, some researchers stated that the cost of customer acquisition was much higher than the cost of customer…Keep reading
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