You’re a busy financial professional; your time is money. Considering the number of responsibilities and duties you juggle each day, joining an online professional organization may not be high on your list of priorities. The last thing you need is more meetings and more demands on your time, right?

Building your online profile through directories and online associations for financial professionals just may be worth the price of your time – and then some.

Benefits Abound

Every organization has its own set of basic benefits, but most online professional associations offer some of the same advantages to its members.

Benefits like access to exclusive online resources or opportunities to network with your peers are common. Through comprehensive profiles, (example: Cary Kochman’s profile with Transaction Advisors), you can go beyond the customary exchange of business cards.

Professional associations offer members opportunities to attend seminars, workshops, conferences and online courses to update their specific business knowledge. Many even offer access to the latest industry literature and white papers, including subscriptions to professional journals, magazines and other materials.

Directories and Organizations for Financial Professionals

Any professional can find an organization trying to attract his or her attention. But all directories and organizations with an online presence are not created equal. You’ll want to be a member of an organization that allows you to set up a profile so others in the organization can get to know you.

What follows are excellent financial professional directories and organizations with strong online presences.


  • Transaction Advisors. This online directory is for financial professionals of all walks. It publishes a technical journal that appeals to business owners, corporate executives and private equity investors. The aim is to provide information to help in the effective execution of financial transactions across the business spectrum.
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  • Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP). This Society has been helping individuals, families and businesses reach their financial security goals for more than 80 years. With over 11,000 members nationwide, the financial professionals of the FSP are available to assist anyone in reaching their financial goals.


  • Association for Financial Professionals (AFP). Upon joining this group via their online directory, you can create a profile and update it when needed. The AFP website describes itself as the place “…where your peers are going to ask questions and find answers.” AFP hosts the largest networking conference each year, with over 6,500 corporate financial professionals participating.


  • The Financial Planning Association (FPA). This professional organization is the principal association for Certified Financial Planner professionals, educators and financial service providers. It also welcomes students looking to advance as a financial professional. It provides resources for multiple areas, from professional development to advocacy.

Networking Is the Norm

Networking has become the norm for any professional, business or corporation. While a depth of individual knowledge remains a prized commodity, the diversity of one’s business and personal acquaintances is equally important. Social media is great but it doesn’t provide the quality of peer interaction that you get with association in a professional group.

Go beyond your business card; build your online profile through professional directories and associations.

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