New York has a long and proud history as a mecca for shoppers of all parts of the world. Whether you are going for department stores or high end fashion labels the paper bag has been carrying shopper’s new purchases for decades with its more bespoke feel.

However the paper bag has come under attack recently as a tax has been imposed upon shops which have caused the paper bag to become a paid for item in a similar way the plastic one is in the UK and many parts of the USA. However many are divided on whether the introduction of a paper bag charge is a negative or a step in the right direction. 

The Fee is aimed to promote the use of reusable bags

Whilst paper bags are commonly recycled and are easier to dispose of than there plastic counterparts the measures introduced in New York are aiming to promote the use of reusable bags.

The recent bans on plastic bags in New York and California have been praised but many feel paper bags will simply take their place in landfills around the country. The further introduction of a 5 cent charge on paper bags has attempted to solve this problem. The state’s government insists this is to encourage people to make the switch to reusable bags as opposed to generating money.

Many shoppers have switched to reusable canvas bags alternatives but will the holiday makers of New York remember to pack their bags for life?

Paper Bags still have their place for the moment

Whilst shoppers remain active in the centres of world retail like New York and London some form of bag will be a necessity. However if we can gradually wean people of disposable items onto canvas bags and other reusable alternatives eventually we will no longer have a need for paper or plastic bags.

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Find eco-friendly Canvas Bags for your business

Many companies have started offering their own bags for life as part of their product mix. This could work well if you have a brand that you are trying to build by expanding the customer buying experience. This method will also reduce the amount you have to spend on disposable bags.

If you are in the market for high quality canvas bags then visit the Paper Bag Co today. Their products are great marketing tools and have the added benefit of being both recyclable and reusable.

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