MissionShoe is a company run out of Southeastern Idaho in the United States. Over the years, the company has seen great growth. This growth is due to a few good principles of great business that they have stuck to very closely. This blog post outlines some of those simple principles.

Principle #1: Clearly identify your audience and know how to market to them

MissionShoe created great shoes for missionaries. They know exactly who their products are made and who buys their products. In this case, the buyer isn’t the wearer of the shoes but often their parents. Their website and all of their other materials all have messaging that resonates with mothers and father. Quality products for your children with promises to make everything right if there are ever issues.

Principle #2: Create great product 

This might be a no duh principle but sometimes companies forget it. MissionShoe makes great shoes. They aren’t the most attractive shoes in the missionary shoe market and they know that. However, the durability and comfortability more than make up for any cosmetic drawbacks their products may have.

Principle #3: Provide a great experience 

MissionShoe offers great guarantees on their products but also when you call customer service, you often speak directly to the owner of the company. No one know the shoes better than he does. People who get to know Thomas Scott, the owner and founder often develop a strong sense of brand loyalty because they appreciate the company’s story.

Abide by these simple principles and your company can become successful too!

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