Taking your marketing campaign to the internet is a pertinent part of owning a business in the 21st century.  Digital dealings are a huge part of business, and your operation will need the flexibility granted by a broad online presence.  

Start building your brand online by building a great business website.  Take a moment now to consider a few design tips that will help marketing your website and build your brand online.  

Learn all you can about Google

Google is the driving force of the internet, and you need to understand how it works to build a website that is highly visible to your target audience.  Take the time to research the power of SEO (search engine optimization), and apply what you discover to upgrade the efficiency of your website.  

Proper SEO will help your website rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages) when web users are looking for something relevant to your business.  However, it is rumored that SEO will soon be somewhat obsolete, so keep up with the changes.  

Make communication a priority

Communication should be a priority within your operation and within the design of your business website.  Every great website has a “Contact Us” page.  Let the people know how to make contact with your business, and make it simple.  

Check out how this furniture provider set up their contact page to make it easy for web users to ask questions or share concerns.  Model your contact layout as such, and your website will be more useful for consumers.  

Always design for mobile users

There’s no denying the popularity of mobile access to the internet today.  Your business website should reflect the current suring trends, and you should design your site to be responsive to mobile users.  

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Flexibility is the key to fluent mobile optimization.  Do the research necessary to see which design elements really make the most impact for mobile users, and cater to your majority.  

High quality images and videos

Speed is important online.  If you’re going to use your business website as a marketing medium, it needs to be fast.  Make sure you’re using high quality images and videos within the build of your website, so your aesthetic perks won’t slow the loading speed of your pages.  

Include social media in your design

Social media is a great outlet to a very populated portion of the internet.  Adding social media sharing icons to your website design will help present the opportunity to spread the word about your operation.  

Add the icons in places where they are most likely to be utilized.  Your homepage, your blog posts, and your contact page are all great places to start with your sharing buttons. 

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