Your business website is ground zero for your digital marketing efforts, and consumers will always want to see a well-designed site.  You have to make it easy for web users to engage with your business, and it comes down to content and design.  

Make a strong first impression on web users, and delve into the various design techniques that make a great business website.  Here is a brief look over a few of the most important pieces of the design puzzle for your business website.  

Your homepage is key 

Designing a homepage for your business website is important because you only have a short window of time to grab the attention of passing users.  Most web users will move on to the next site if their interests are not piqued within the first ten seconds of landing on a page.  

Find ways to display your business in a way that web users can’t move on without exploring what you have to offer.  Check out this professional painting business website that shows an exceptional display of what a homepage should be.  

Encourage communication

Communication is a lifeline for your business, and your website is the perfect platform for building opportunities.  You should always add a contact page to your overall design, but your contact page isn’t the only way to make new connections.  

You can use your homepage to offer communication opportunities.  Add a contact phone number to your homepage. Add a “leave a comment” box to your blog posts, and build a chance for users to opt-in on your email mailing list.  

Remember your mobile audience

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Mobile users are your bread and butter in terms of online connections.  Build every piece of digital content you disburse with mobile users in mind.  

Responsive design will equip your business website to serve the dominating population online.  Make sure to do the research it takes to refine your website design, so it serves the needs of your target consumer.  

Add social media to your design

Social media is a useful tool for visibility online.  Build a website that comes equipped with all the tiny little sharing buttons we all know and love, and make your content instantly shareable.  

When web users share the information your business has to offer, you get a small (but free) piece of digital marketing.  Take every advantage you can of the popularity of social media, and work to weave your content with the most popular platforms.  

Content builds engagement 

Add a “Blog” page to your business website, and fill its pages with quality content.  A good blog post is a post that teaches users something about your niche industry or your business itself. 

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