You are probably fairly aware of the overall quality of your product or service. But you may be surprised at what other factors come into play when you’re trying to be successful in the long run. Something specifically to look at if you’re taking this long game approach is your client’s comfort. Intrinsically, you know that you are more likely to buy things from someone else if you are comfortable while you are doing it. You can use this concept to your advantage when it comes to selling things as well. 

Consider, for example, three separate things that you can pay close attention to. First, you can note the physical comfort level of potential clients. Second, you can look at the psychological comfort that they have while potentially purchasing your products. And third, you can do a personal study of body language and speech patterns. Not only will this help you become more charismatic, but it will also show you how to read other people at moments when finalizing your sale is crucial. 

Physical Comfort

When trying to make potential clients more at ease, you should always start out with physical comfort. This means your store location should have excellent air conditioning during hot months and excellent heating during cool months. Without that essential degree of comfort when it comes to temperature, you could be losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in income. You want a potential client to focus entirely on your product, which means not being distracted by physical distress that they could be in. 

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Psychological Comfort

Then there is the matter of psychological comfort. You should design your storefront and entryway to welcome people in. You should have great lighting. The area should be clean. If you can afford it, you should have a greeter immediately inside the front door. This kind of psychological familiarity can mean the difference between a business that succeeds and one that fails. Don’t let yourself stray too far from this concept while in your planning stages early on. 

Body Language and Speech Patterns

How much do you know about body language? If you know just the essentials, you’ll be aware of when a potential client looks nervous or anxious. You can utilize your own body language and practiced speech patterns to put them much more at ease. Think of the situation in your mind. Someone who is uncomfortable will showcase that somehow in the way they move and how they talk. If you can Observe this from a distance, you can do something about it. That doesn’t mean you’re tricking or manipulating people. It just means that you’re aware of your surroundings to the degree that you know how to make clients happy. 

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