When you’re a rideshare driver you want to make the most of your time and that means not having a lot of down time. This side gig only make sense if you are making decent money while you’re in your car, and that includes doing the most rides in the least amount of time.

So here are tips to make the most money as a rideshare driver:

Offer More Goodies

You’ve probably heard of having bottles of water, candies, mints, and gum in your car to offer your riders. This is something that can really set you apart from other drivers because even though it makes most lists, most drivers do not do it and you will really make your riders happy. This happiness translates into high ratings and maybe even a tip.

Work the Surge Shifts

You won’t know exactly when a surge shift will kick in, but you can take a pretty good guess. If it’s a prime time with people getting out of an event, or when the bars close at 2 a.m. you know there will be a shift in the supply and demand. These times might not be the best for you and your schedule, but if you want to make the most it is nice to get paid twice as much for the same ride.

Hack Your Neighborhood

You should be familiar enough with your local neighborhood to be able to make expert suggestions  based on your rider’s needs. You should know where the nearest clean public restroom is for them, as well as where the best place is to get some cough medicine or allergy medication. These helpful stops often lead to 5 star ratings and a tip at the end of the ride.

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Seek Out Underserved Areas

We talked about supply and demand a little in regards to surge shifts, but you can also use it to your advantage by seeking out underserved areas. This is where there will be more riders than drivers and you can spend the least time waiting for your next rider. It definitely beats fighting with a bunch of other drivers for a short supply of riders in a overserviced area.

Check Out Both Sides

Did you know that the Uber app for drivers only shows you one side of the story? Pull up the Uber app for passengers use and you’ll be able to gain a greater insight into where you should be as a driver and what the scene looks like for riders. Right away you’ll be able to see where the other drivers are and it can help you cherry pick the best spot.

Stay In One Spot

One factor that you always have to consider is how much gas and mileage you’re putting on your car. You don’t want to drive around waiting for your next fider, so make sure you pick a good spot in between so you can keep your costs down and keep most of the money you make.

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