You know you have a good product. People have done business with you and told you as much in the past. But unless you attract more customers, you’re going to have trouble keeping the proverbial lights on. Sound familiar? If so, you’re in need of an updated customer acquisition model to get your brand in front of as many new people as possible.

3 Ways to Find More Customers 

The great thing about selling online is that you have millions of people at your fingertips. You don’t have to hit the road and make a bunch of time-consuming sales calls just to see some results. With a steady commitment to putting your brand in front of people, you’ll eventually see some movement in this area.

With that being said, some strategies work better than others. If you’re looking to quickly reach new customers in a unique way that stands out above the noise, the following techniques may prove more useful than others. 

  1. Sell on More Platforms 

It’s amazing how many businesses limit themselves by only selling on one platform when there are dozens of different niche websites, ecommerce storefronts, and sales channels available via the internet. And unless exclusivity is part of your sales strategy, you should be targeting as many as possible.

But if you do choose to sell on multiple platforms, make sure you have some sort of multi-channel listing software that makes it easy to list and track your inventory without getting bogged down in some of the details that can come from expanding your sales reach. Many prefer the Sellbrite platform, but there are a few other good ones out there as well. 

  1. Use Reddit 
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If you aren’t familiar with Reddit, you’re missing out. This massive online social network is essentially a global message board with individual pages for different topics. If there’s something you’re interested in – whether it’s a hobby, health issue, sports team, or business niche – you can bet there’s a community on Reddit already talking about it.

You can’t approach Reddit with the mentality that you’re going to use it as a sales platform, though. People will sniff you out and turn you away. However, if you spend time engaging as a normal user and contributing on a variety of topics over a long period, you can eventually develop a reputation that may allow you to begin organically driving traffic to your website/brand.

  1. Send Out Free Product Samples 

People love the word free. Tell them that you’re giving them something for free and they’ll give you a lot of time and attention in return. This is especially true on social media where free offers can spread like wildfire. (Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake that Sunny Co. Clothing recently made.)

The key with free samples is to nail the bridge between the sample and the future sale. Customers must be given a reason to move past trying and actually consider buying. Sometimes this is easier said than done, so don’t take for granted the fact that free product samples don’t always equal an immediate uptick in sales. 

Never Stop Seeking Out Customers 

It’s easy to think that you’ve arrived once you reach a specific sales figure or onboard a certain number of clients; however, you can’t look at it like that. No matter how big and successful your brand becomes, you can never stop actively seeking out customers.

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Customer acquisition is one of the single most important aspects of running a business and it requires your full attention. The three techniques highlighted in this article may give you a little nudge in the right direction.

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