Small companies have a difficult challenge. Competing against the big boys in your market can be extremely difficult. Businesses trying to sell the same products or services as a company that’s a household name are confronted with the problem of differentiating themselves in order to bring in traffic. But how about small businesses that are selling something different? Whether it’s a handcrafted item or you’re manufacturing a unique product of your own creation, you have your own series of challenges. Here are ways to make your way into the marketplace. 


If you’re offering something unique, you can use the big stores to your advantage. While you might have a difficult time getting them to carry your products in retail locations, their online sites can provide opportunities. Stores from Walmart to Amazon are allowing third parties to sell through their online websites. Partnering with one of these major online sites can potentially give your product visibility to millions of new shoppers. People who might never find your company’s website or who could be reluctant to buy from a new business can shop through these partner sites with more confidence.

Some of these companies also provide the option to distribute your items for you. That can relieve you from the obligation of billing, shipping, and tracking individual orders. A pallet delivery service can be used to ship entire pallets of your product to a distribution centre. From there, the online site will handle the rest. While you may end up paying a portion of your product’s sales price to the hosting site, you’ll safe on your own labour. This can free up more of your time to focus on what you do best – create a great product.

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Some of the best products are discovered by retailers and distributors during tradeshows. This can give you a chance to demonstrate your product in person. Show attendees can taste, touch, try, and/or hear what makes your products special. You’ll also have a chance to give your sales pitch while you form relationships with others in related industries. Retailers and distributors are continuously on the hunt for the next great items that will help them attract more sales and new customers.

Online Outreach

Search engine rankings can make it extremely difficult for a new business to appear within the top search results when people are looking for a particular type of product. Even if visitors are interested in your products once they arrive at your page, they may not be comfortable ordering from an unknown business. One way to help reduce both of these problems is to provide blog content that is will be helpful and interesting for your potential client base. If your product is a solution to a problem, blog about it. If your product helps people with a particular field or hobby, blog about that. By providing information that in some way relates to your products prospective users, you’ll build traffic to your website, catch the interest of more potential buyers, and improve your search engine rankings at the same time.

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