The online identity of your business is an important aspect of your branding efforts. A domain that is difficult to type or remember will create hurdles for your business in the long run. Today, I will talk about the best ways in which your business domain could become successful.

Finding the right domain name

The domain name should ideally be the name of your business. On certain occasions, it could be worthwhile to choose a domain name that focuses on your ‘brand message’ or ‘brand identity.’ Whatever your choice of domain, make sure it is easy to remember and easier to type. Difficult or long domain names are quickly forgotten. Hence, you need to choose something short and worthwhile.

Find the right extension

If there is one thing that is as important as the domain name, it is definitely the domain extension. A business should have a .com extension. Organizations can opt for .org. However, these days, you can also avail .biz, .lawyer domains. These domains help people in understanding what your business is all about. Find a domain extension that suits your business. If you are confused about it, simply opt for .com extension checking their availability on sites like

Write a great ‘About Us.’

You don’t have to stuff your site with content and keywords. However, make sure that you add the right content where it is needed. Make a good home page and contact page on the website. Also, ensure that you have a beautiful ‘About me’ page like mine. Hire an experienced content writer for drafting the most appealing message for your business and create a defined brand identity. Start a blog and post at least once a week. Send links to this blog to your social media platforms or share in a newsletter.

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Select the right colors

Your domain should have a logo. Make sure it is simple, easy to identify and has the right color combinations that match with your brand. This is especially true for service business. When you are selling services, you have to focus on colors that directly engage with the psyche of your readers. Don’t go for colors like red and yellow, unless your target audience is looking for energetic, high paced services. Muted but solid colors like black and blue are more suited to service businesses. However, you can choose the colors that match your brand the most.

An example of domain which follows all these tips and creates the perfect space for its target audience is

Focus on speed

Your domain should not take forever to load. Find a hosting provider that allows you enough bandwidth to run your website. Slow page loads can make your audience chuck your domain before you know.

While creating a domain for your business, ensure that you stand out amongst your competition. Keep the domain simple yet attractive. Minimalistic, open and spacious designs are very popular these days, and you will benefit by providing your users only the required information.

Remember to connect your domain to all your social media identities and communication, like your business cards, Facebook page or group, Twitter profile, etc. should all point to your domain which will act as a culmination of all your online efforts. Make sure that the domain looks amazing.

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