We all have dreams of how we want our lives to be, but it takes resolve and determination to break through the barriers that keep us where we are. What does it take to muster the courage to take the road less traveled by? The answer is not as complicated as you might think.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” It may sound cliche, but fear does play a big part in our lives, both where we’ve been and where we’ll go. So it’s best to get a handle on fear, or at least develop a strategy on how to overcome it long enough to get what we really want.

Get Comfortable With The Unknown

Fear of the unknown is often the biggest holdback to reaching your dreams. There’s no guarantee of success, and therefore no way to know if your idea will pan out or not. That alone is enough to keep most people idling in their current situation.

The solution? The founders of Outdoorsy say you should cozy up to the unknown. Get to the point where it doesn’t even bug you anymore. Let go of having to know how everything will turn out, to the exact detail.

Work Through a Worst Case Scenario

One method of working your way through the fear that shrouds your dream is to imagine what would happen if all of the negative things you’ve been imagining actually happened.

  • How bad would it truly be if the worst outcome came to be?
  • What if you failed? What would your friends/family/spouse think of you?
  • What would you think of yourself and your abilities if you totally fell on your face?
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Don’t stop until you reach the logical conclusion to all of your worst fears coming true. Then go the extra step and come up with ideas for a contingency plan if everything were to go down in a great big ball of flames.

  • How would you recover from a total failure?
  • Which relationships could you count on, even in tough times?
  • What sort of odd jobs could you do to make ends meet if things don’t happen as fast as you’d like them to?

Make The Final Decision

There’s one last step to following your dreams, and that’s to finally decide to do it. It’s really the first step, because everything else will shift when you earnestly make the decision and go for it. However, it’s often necessary to go through the first two pre-steps to get to this all-important one.

Why is deciding so important? Tony Robbins points to the Latin root word of decide, decidere, literally meaning “to cut off”. What you’re essentially doing is cutting off all other possibilities and throwing your whole self into the outcome you’ve been imagining.

Start Today!

Why not get the process started today? It’s just a few mental exercises so there’s no reason you can’t find a quiet hour to ask yourself some hard-hitting questions and uncover a path to your dreams. It could be the catalyst you need to put some action behind your true passion.

Good luck, and remember never stop dreaming and never idle!

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