The new legislation that finally applied to all businesses and organisations on the 26th May 2018, but many businesses still haven’t correctly prepared for the onset of the law.

Why is it so important?

The need for the law has become apparent over the past couple of years, with the privacy of social media users being breached and the rights of many not being respected or made clear.

The GDPR law provides people with control over how their data is used by companies who collect it.

How is GDPR managed?

If you collect, control or process personal data you are responsible for following the laws on the way you do so. It is the persons responsible for handling the data that should abide by GDPR. Whilst is may the responsibility of a singular individual, as part of a business you will be responsible for the way your whole company uses data. Make sure the correct laws are being carried out throughout your business/ organisation.

Ignorance is expensive

The cost of not following the law could cost you up to 4% of your annual turnover or 20 million, whichever amount is greater.

What to do

  • Ensure all your operating systems and software is up to date and encrypt all sensitive data.
  • Gain consent from everyone you wish to collect data from.
  • Manage mobile devices so that you are compliant to information management and approach laws.
  • Educate all of your employees
  • Designate someone within your organisation to take responsibility for GDPR compliance
  • Update your network security to protect against data breaches
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Get in touch with a company such as Netitude to help with all of the above with high tech solutions to all GDPR laws.

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