There’s no feeling quite like flying down the highway in a cute convertible as the wind whips through your hair. Car manufacturers have developed dozens of convertible models over the years. You can research the latest models on a reputable automotive website like if you’ve been considering convertible shopping, here are just of few of the coolest convertibles to hit the market this year.

Combine a fuel efficient tiny car with the open expanse of a convertible top and you’ve got a Smart ForTwo Cabriolet. The miniature car offers room for two passengers and little else. Pricing starts at just over $22,000 making it an affordable automotive option. You’ll also achieve 38 miles per gallon when driving on the highway proving that the Smart lineup is one of the most fuel efficient cars currently on the market.

The Volkswagen Beetle is an automotive icon. You can even find early versions of this unique car driving around more than 60 years after it was first introduced to the American market. The most current version of the Beetle is offered in a convertible model which starts at just over $26,000. The car offers plenty of legroom for four passengers and even more in terms of nostalgic cruising experience on the open road with the top down.

The Mazda Miata is another familiar name when talking about convertible cars. The original Miata, first introduced to U.S. markets in the late 1980s, drew inspiration from the sporty convertible roadsters popular in Europe. The car maker’s latest version, the MX-5, starts at $25,700 and comes standard with plenty of cool features.

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For a convertible experience that hasn’t been done too many times before, check out the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible. This unique vehicle is a mashup between a very capable SUV and very stylish convertible. It falls in the small SUV/Crossover category and offers plenty of luxury features to warrant its price tag that tops $60,000 for the convertible model.

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