Your landing page – as the first thing your customers see, this page should give them all the information they need to feel confidence doing business with your company. But what do your customers need to know?

As you develop your website, putting these 4 key points front and center can turn bounced visits into easy conversions. Closing the deal has never been this simple.

Product Placement

In a poll by Oneupweb, 70.8% of customers said they wanted to see products on the homepage. This isn’t to say they want to see the full catalogue on page one, but customers do want a general sense of what you have to offer; a few models dressed in your brand’s clothes or otherwise unspecified products aren’t enough to satisfy this need. Homepage products need to be identified.

Why are products as important as a homepage feature? They not only give customers a sense of your offerings, but also of pricing. If the first item customers see is way out of their price range, you can be sure they’ll turn around and walk right out that digital door.

Don’t forget that product pictures should be high quality; graphics can really set a detail-oriented business apart from sloppy or lazy competitors. Potential customers shouldn’t have to squint to decipher your images. They should be able to see every detail.

What’s Your Warranty?

Whether you sell backpacks or blowtorches, customers want quality – and they want you to back that up with a warranty, set front and center. This is especially important when selling expensive or high use products, such as tools or roofing, and a great warranty can set your product apart from the competition. Why would customers buy a product that the manufacturer or retailer doesn’t stand behind, or one with a limited warranty rather than a full one?

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Of course, retailers don’t generally get to set the terms of a warranty – that’s up to the manufacturer – so how can your business balance this out? Electronics dealer A-I Consolidated focuses on their 100 percent satisfaction-guarantee. If you have a problem with your product, they’ll return it to the manufacturer for replacement or repair. Like all great companies, A-I Consolidated will never leave you in a bind; that’s the power of strong warranty.

The Human Touch

As ecommerce moves in the direction of greater artificial intelligence use, human interaction is increasingly rare – and that’s why customers want it more than ever before.

One way to demonstrate your commitment to interaction and brand community is by offering quality voice support via phone on your home page. So much chat support is automated and run by bots at this juncture that this is no longer a feasible alternative for companies that want to offer meaningful connection.

Genuine reviews can also help add a human touch to your website, so make sure reviews and testimonials are featured prominently on your homepage. Smart customers know how to read for legitimacy, so they can spot the fakes. Focus on reviews that include information on the shopping experience or customer service follow-up, as those can provide more context for the sale.

Educational Support

Finally, no matter what you’re selling, onsite educational resources can be a real benefit to product sales and putting those on your homepage is a good way to demonstrate your commitment to buyers.

Educational content can take several forms. Inc., for example, highlights Intelligentsia’s coffee brew guides, which are a high value resource for customers familiarizing themselves with different approaches. When you go to the Intelligentsia website, though, reveals other details, such as characterizing coffees as “single origin.” Little details like this show a commitment to customer education.

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In a saturated marketplace, sales are contingent on the little things, the details that set your brand apart from the competition. Put those details front and center by putting them on your landing page and you’ll outperform the competition easily.

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