Have you ever had a holiday where, on heading home you’ve thought to yourself “if only I could stay…”? The truth is that many people have that same thought every time they board their plane for the flight home. But some holidays are never meant to end, they entice you to make a life changing decision and for some that means uprooting form their old homes, and establishing new ones.

In regards uprooting home, there are many programmes available for expediting European citizenship, such as with the Cyprus Investor Visa (see here for further information).

Here however we look at ways as to how to ensure that you can get the most out of your European adventure. It may not necessarily mean a change of residency, but then you just never know. So if you’re interested in what you should be looking to do on your European trip, and what you may never have previously contemplated doing, then read on for more guidance.

Island Hopping

Imagine being on a yacht, chartered or otherwise, crewed by experiences sailors – or yourself if you are a little more adventurous. Then envisage visiting the many beautiful Greek Islands at your own pace, in your own order of preference. You could choice from the better known islands, or instead search out isolation and intrigue on less frequented shores. There is no rush to the tranquil way of life, and such things are best enjoyed at your leisure.


Ordering an Einspanner in Vienna, a double espresso topped with cream in a glass cup often served with a chocolate on the side, is a nod to the history of this beautiful city. The drink itself has not spread in popularity across the country, which makes the indulging moment of having one that little bit more special.

Eiffel Tower

There are not many backdrops more recognisable than Paris and moreover the Eiffel Tower. Imagine therefore dining or sipping on a bespoke cocktail whilst looking out across the city and at this specific landmark in particular. If you are one to document your adventures via photographs as well as memories, then you’ll find it difficult to get a bad angle. It may seem a little cliché for some, but then not everything that is popular is bad…

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The country itself only gained independence in 2006 and is therefore still within its formative years. However nature does not recognise borders and the beaches of Montenegro existed long before the country itself. They remain, for now at least, a little unspoilt and unvisited, and therefore it is recommended to visit soon, before the word gets out.


From a new country, to perhaps the oldest. It is possible to experience something akin to time-travel by visiting Athens and the Acropolis etc. Whilst you will of course not be transported back in time, a little imagination will allow you to feel the history whilst immersing yourself in it.


The tallest mountain in Germany, has of course the highest beer garden in the country too. With Germany renowned for its lager and beer, what better place to sample, enjoy and indulge in the same than atop the tallest mountain in the land.


People love books, especially when on holiday. Libraries encapsulate this love and intensify the same. There are many historic and wonderful libraries to visit, often seated at various academic establishments. The best ones include the British library in London, and Trinity College library in Dublin. Whilst you will not have time to read the books they hold, you will be able to enjoy the histories that surround each of these wonderful collections.

Edge Of The World

It may be difficult to find in reality, but there are places that come close. Sagres in Portugal for example stands on the very edge of Europe, where continent meets the sea, and where after there is only water until you reach America.

Fast Cars

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and at its own summit is the Monaco Grand Prix. Over the course of the race weekend the principality is transformed into a giant race track, and even the usual supercars are surpassed by the technology of F1.

Based in a haven for the super-rich, the time to visit Monaco is on the weekend when it is at its most indulgent – race weekend. Soaking up the atmosphere of the area is one thing, to do so with the background noise of supercharged engines takes it to another level altogether.

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Lake Bled

From the ridiculous to the sublime. Away from the noise of life, on an alpine lake, you are able to gentle row around its central island church which makes a truly picturesque vista. Shuttle boats are available to the island, but why rush when you have so much time to relax.

Valencia – Las Fallas

St Joseph is celebrated in Valencia with a street party, set upon a soundtrack of fireworks and frivolity, it is an experience that people both savour and enjoy. At the end effigies are torched, and the crowd surround the bonfire. This is one of many religious festivals across Europe throughout the calendar, but it is also one of the better ones to enjoy.

King For A Day

You may be able to gain a visa through investment, but it is unlikely that you will be able to buy yourself a royal seat. That said however, they can be enjoyed by all. There are castles that once housed nobility that are open to hire, as a whole or on a room by room basis. The extent of your kingdom therefore depends on the size of your respective royal purse!


From your first class (or other) cabin, aboard your luxury liner, or smaller vessel, you’ll see the fjords in exactly the same way – simply breath taking. No matter how large your ship, nature will always find a way of putting things into perspective, so prepare to be intimidated. Norway offers a wonderfully cut landscape where nature is truly in control.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

The best time to have adventures is when you are young. Children gain so much and learn a great deal from travel. If however your childhood has passed, there are ways in which you can evoke memories of it, so that you can once again feel young and invigorated. Tivoli Gardens offers you this very opportunity, and whilst amusement parks can at times come across as brash or even uncouth (they are great fun too though remember), Tivoli is different.

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If you are going to enjoy the ballet at some point in your life, then there will be no better place to do so than at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. Unquestionably the highest standard, and to witness the same is something very special indeed.

Northern Lights

If natural spectacles are more your thing though all is well with the Northern Lights. Unfortunately there are no show times, and no guarantees that you will get to see a performance at all, but if you do not take the chance, then you will never experience the reward, and that after all is what life is about.

Getting the most out of your European adventure relies on in part, how much you put into it. Not necessarily the money you spend, but the planning and the ideas that you bring to the table. After all Europe is a big place and there are many possibilities when it comes to fun and adventure. People, cuisines and traditions vary greatly even from city to city but your level of enjoyment comes not from how deep you reach into your wallet, but rather how deeply you immerse yourself in the adventure itself.

These are some of the best opportunities for you to do exactly that, but you must also look to add your own personal twist to the experience at the same time. As individuals we are all different, but at the same time, we all share the desire to be happy and have fun. These ideas are a great starting point for just that. So plan well, engage fully and enjoy thoroughly!

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