It’s that time of the year again when I take stock of everything my various business channels are involved in, particularly bringing together the best in the innovative ideas everybody employed by my various businesses is encouraged to share. The past six months have proven to be very productive as far as that goes because I’m happy to announce that our digital media team is going to be heading a project which they themselves came up with, albeit with a little guidance from management of course!

So the digital media team earned its right to head up their very own project by pitching the company’s potential venturing into the online retail space, targeting the fashion industry in particular as that is where the growth is indicated to be. The identified opportunity in this particular industry has been reinforced by some findings from an analysis conducted by award-winning digital marketing agency, Mediaworks, a certified Google Partner which went on to publish a whitepaper detailing how digital media managers and personnel can take full advantage of the emerging trends.

So the five steps to digital success identified include a focus on Ranking with RankBrain, Mastering the Mobile Space, Limiting Basket Abandonment, Selling Socially, and making use of the Google Shopping platform. That’s the only manner in which management is going to “interfere” with our digital marketing team – by enforcing these identified five steps as the framework within which they’re to bring their idea to life, otherwise they’ll have free and total reign over how to move forward with regards to building the e-commerce platform, optimising it, sourcing the products to sell and marketing the platform.

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With the UK’s fashion market valued at £50 billion (including clothing, footwear and accessories), I’d be crazy not to let them have a go at it, especially when one looks at the current estimates which point to a percentage of 28.8 of the UK’s total fashion spend coming in the form of online fashion sales!

So it’s not so much about having an online presence and I suppose even staying up to date with the latest fashion trends (any online fashion sales platform can list the latest trends if they don’t have to physically stock inventory), but rather about making sure online fashion shoppers are incentivised to shop from your platform over every other one fighting for market share. It’s more about the user experience, which goes back those five areas of opportunities mentioned.

Traditional search engine ranking methods have since given way to Google’s RankBrain, which uses machine-learning artificial intelligence that falls more in line with how online fashion consumers search for information about what they might want to buy and also how they actually complete their purchases.

Exactly how this is done (it’s not that difficult really) is explored in greater detail in the whitepaper, which is available for free download at

Digital marketers can also get the full low-down on how to take advantage of the other key areas of opportunity identified, perhaps paying special attention to the use of Google Shopping and how to master the mobile space, as that is how the modern day fashion consumer seems to have a preference for in completing their online shopping.

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