As someone who has naturally taken on a bit of a mentorship role as part of my own little way of giving back to the business and consumer community which has helped me thrive as an entrepreneur, I’m often faced with the challenge of trying to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs figure it out by way of what market to enter. Some of them already know which market they have their hearts set on and so they try by all means to make it work, no matter how challenging it appears to be.

Often that is indeed all it takes – it takes the eye of someone who is not directly involved in the ground-level operations to see things a bit more clearly than someone who is right in the middle of proceedings, to such an extent that one simple suggestion could send the operation into hyper-drive. Now I can give many examples of having given just little piece of advice and had the entrepreneur come right back to me, brimming with gratitude and just begging to repay me in some or other way.

The best of such entrepreneurs beg to settle what they believe to be some sort of debt immediately because they’re uncomfortable with the idea of this “debt” they seemingly have looming over their heads. The best way through which I appease these types of eager souls is simply to request that they give me just one freebie in the form of whatever product or service they offer. They don’t have to give it to me immediately and I also don’t necessarily use it for myself, but rather leverage the power of my professional and personal network in this way to hedge against some of the leaner times I might personally have in my own business operations.

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Fortunately I can’t really point to much by way of lean times anymore because I’ve built up a considerable amount of savings and capital to fall back on, so I usually use the power of my network in this way to endear myself to more people and businesses whom I’d like to become part of my network. The quality of your life is directly related to the quality and power of your personal and professional network, so it never hurts so reinforce these bonds which exist between each node in the network.

The power of the network stretches far and wide, making as much of an intensive impact as it does an extensive one. For example, I’m in no way any sort of medical professional, let alone a specialist one like a reconstructive surgeon, but there are so many people in my network who come to me to ask about such services amongst many others. Of course using the power of my personal and professional network I’m in a position to refer them to the likes of Dr. Nina Naidu, something which surprisingly induces the same kind of gratitude which helping someone out with their business does.

Somehow by just referring someone to some great services they were looking for makes them feel as if they owe you as well, thus further multiplying the power of the network I guess.

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