Testimonials are a powerful tool in business. Customers that are satisfied with a client testimonial offer a powerful chance to sway the mind of potential customers. Credibility is spurred on the back of testimonials, too.

Marketing campaigns use the words of past clients to make sales.

And if your business isn’t using client testimonials, then it’s time to start.

Customers Spend 31% More When Businesses Have Good Testimonials

Testimonials and ratings have a major impact on the sales that businesses make. A poor rating, even going from a 4-star to 3-star, will have a major impact on sales. Studies show that customers are willing to spend 31% more, or $31 for every $100 spent, when a business has positive testimonials.

Trust in a business leads to increased sales.

It’s a fact. And if your business doesn’t have testimonials or reviews to back its worth, it will be harder to make sales.

A lot of old-school businesses are in this rut. They receive a lot of foot traffic to their stores, but when it comes to their reputation online, they fail. Why? They’re used to word-of-mouth pushing their business forward.

But the new word-of-mouth, and 88% of consumers agree, is the online review.

Testimonials Lead to Higher Customer Acquistion and Opportunities

Customer testimonials are a key marketing tool in 2018. Speedy Rooter is a great example of this. The company places testimonials along the entire left side of the screen. Despite the formatting issue covering some of the page’s text, this leads to increased sales.

When customers are on the fence about buying a product or service, they’ll look to reviews or testimonials to boost sales.

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And testimonials need to be on a company’s website – that’s a fact.

The issue is that testimonials shouldn’t stop there. You can use testimonials across multiple channels to market and promote your business. A few places where testimonials can be used are:

  • Social media
  • Paid ads
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing materials

You can leverage testimonials to your advantage in several key ways. The testimonials must be real. You can’t use fake testimonials, or you’ll be in trouble for false advertising.

As a trust builder, testimonials are key to marketing success and making sales.

Testimonials Increase CTR Rates by 28%

Testimonials have the ability to increase click-through rates by as much as 28%. Reviews, ratings and testimonials are very powerful marketing tools that can be used to increase the number of clicks to an ad, social media site, website or estimate form.

You’ll also find that star ratings matter a lot.

Consumers tend to ignore lower ratings because it’s indicative of a poor product or service. Businesses that go from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating receive 25% more clicks. This is huge for businesses because it brings in a plethora of leads to a business.

And while there is no guarantee that these additional leads will convert to sales, it’s half the battle when trying to make money. Leads can then be nurtured and converted into sales once they’ve landed on a website or taken the action preferred.

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