Digital PR is not an option, it’s a necessity in today’s world.

Digital PR specialists like Ceres PR utilise the full spectrum of digital platforms and opportunities to achieve their client’s goals. Whilst traditional PR through events and presentations still plays an important role, as consumers increasingly move online to shop and make decisions so too must the brand and products requiring attention and conversions to sales. Even within a limited character social media post, there must be a pull towards the brand.

Without a digital presence it is unlikely that any business will survive.

  • Media: B2B and B2C.
  • Website.
  • Videos.
  • Infographics.
  • Shareable creative content: including brand storytelling.
  • Outreach via digital channels: e.g. social media platforms.

PR agency teams have worked on numerous campaigns and appreciate that in a fast-moving environment they must be conversant with current trends and probable future industry and consumer activities.

The best firms learn what makes your brand and products unique and what drives the company forward. Professionals target the core market for your product via multiple channels and the stream of data engages consumers in a relationship. This creates a need to take positive action.

PR agency staff are qualified experts in their field as you are in yours, please do not try to replicate the success of a PR agency in-house because no two PR campaigns are identical, and guesswork yields less effective approaches and therefore returns on investment. If you broke your leg would you seek an expert or handle the matter yourself?

Superior digital marketing makes the difference between existing and dominating in a market. Ensure that your position is healthy. 

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Every digital PR specialist knows that relevance is essential 


Relates to a need, desire or goal achievement for the consumer. The product serves market demand at the right price.

Consumers become unofficial brand ambassadors by forwarding information online, but they’ll only do this if they believe that the product is perfect now.

PR agency campaigns factor in seasonal issues. e.g. Is cranberry sauce in great demand or of interest to consumers in June or would later months prove more beneficial?

Relevant digital communication creates a feeling of inclusion in a community and builds a sense of loyalty to a brand. 

Content must arrest attention

Well-crafted content features strong keywords which help a search engine, and the consumer, to find you. A range of keywords is vital to ensure that the highest number of search matches is achieved. As AI technology develops with Amazon Echo and its rivals, digital PR specialists are working to secure results through marketing directed to the AI rather than the consumer.

Brand storytelling is essential to success.

People have always enjoyed stories so offering brand information within a narrative is hugely effective at creating a connection, it taps in to emotions. Humans are programmed to use their emotions when making decisions; they subsequently use the brain to find a justification.

Ceres PR are a food PR agency, to learn more about how they can help you via digital channels, please contact them today.

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