From rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches, diamonds have revolutionized the jewelry industry for the longest time. Every year seems to be another opportunity for jewelers to introduce diamonds from a whole new angle. One of these is diamond-encrusted watches you can match with rings.

You might wonder when it is too much for a diamond – however, no one can never really go wrong once she or he has worn a piece. Here are some of the bests in the market to know more about complementing diamond watches and engagement rings.

1. Tiffany & Co Atlas Watch and X Closed Wide Ring

It is not a secret to all jewelry consumers (and even non-consumers) that Tiffany & Co takes pride in their wonderful jewelry collections. One of these collections is the Atlas Collection, which comprises a 24 mm watch and wide diamond ring.

The watch is made of 18k Rose Gold with stunning round diamonds and a Pavé diamond dial, while the wide closed ring flaunts its 18k rose gold with 230 pavé-set of brilliant round diamonds, 0.55 carat in total. This set is perfect for women who have a soft and feminine fashion sense but still want to look formal.

2. David Yurman Albion Watch and Mosaic Pavé Ring

Being one of the top jewelry brands worldwide, David Yurman has launched a handful of brilliant collections. The Albion Collection consists of an 11 mm Mosaic Pavé Diamond ring matched with a 23 mm stainless steel case with an integrated cable watch.

The Pavé diamond ring has 0.59 carat and is coated in sterling silver, making it easy to present casually or formally. On the other hand, the Albion watch embodies a familiar cushion shape with eight micro diamonds encrusted as minor clock time numbers. You can opt for this duo when you want something subtle yet elegant as an accessory in or out of the office. 

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3. Graff Spiral Black Satin Strap Watch and Pavé Diamond Band Ring

This sparkling Spiral white gold set from Graff Diamonds is best for those who have unique styles. The 2.30 carat Spiral White Gold and Pavé Diamond Ring presents a 5 mm band that easily captivates one’s eye because of its one-of-a-kind spiral structure. The Spiral watch, also from white gold, garners a 1.75-carat weight with a pavé diamond dial and bezel emphasized with its black satin strap. 

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Watches had been the underdog of the jewelry industry, yet it seems to be one of the most staple fashion and functional items of today’s generation. Now that we have entered an era where watches can be encrusted with diamonds, it is safe to say that its domination has a long way to go.

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