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Moving into a new office is a very exciting process. There’s a lot of work involved, particularly if you’re relocating a sizeable team. However, it represents a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to leave bad habits behind and create stronger, more efficient routines. If you’re renting with a serviced provider, this kind of development is something you can focus on from day one.

Take a look at the serviced offices in Hong Kong to find out why these fully furnished workspaces are such a great resource. In fact, the only downside to going serviced is that there are more rules regarding customisation. As these suites come fully furnished, tenants must be mindful of the changes they make.

The good news is most serviced vendors allow unlimited office alterations, as long as the space can be returned to its original state. Keep reading for some tips on the best ways to improve your workspace.

Make Room for Movement 

It’s true that serviced offices in Hong Kong come fully furnished. However, there’s a good deal of flexibility involved in these agreements. For instance, you don’t have to keep all of the furniture originally provided. You can swap some of it for your own pieces.

You can add new items. Or, you can ask for some pieces of furniture to be removed, depending on how much space you need. Whatever you choose, try not to cram the office full of objects. Space is important for productivity, so pick an appropriately sized suite.

Find a Way to Customise

One of the most pervasive myths about serviced offices is that there’s no room for creativity and personalisation. This isn’t the case. You just have to be light handed with it. For instance, moveable partitions, screens, and dividers are a great way to put your stamp on things.

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They enable you to transform the space, without making permanent changes. Plus, they’re highly flexible. One week you might want a series of private, closed off areas. Another week employees might benefit more from a totally open plan environment.

Taking It Outside of the Office 

If you find you’re struggling for space, but you don’t have the budget to upgrade to a bigger suite, you can always implement a remote policy. Allowing some employees to work from home, either all the time or on specific days of the week is a clever way to free up desks.

It also has a very interesting effect on employee productivity. Studies have shown that, when given the freedom to structure their own routines, workers perform better. They can focus their efforts on conditions and times that feel personally productive for them.

Use the Shared Spaces 

Finally, don’t forget to make the most of the shared areas. All the best-serviced offices in Hong Kong contain communal environments. Sometimes, they come in the form of collaborative coworking spaces. Others times, they are provided as shared canteen area or leisure rooms.

Communal spaces are wonderful places to network and meet fellow entrepreneurs. You never know when you’ll bump into somebody whose skills you could really use, so be friendly and open. There are plenty of people in these Hong Kong facilities that have a lot of market influence.

Why Great Office Design is Essential for Success 

There are so many rewards and advantages to be had from investing in your workplace. Don’t forget that this is where your employees spend most of their time. If you want them to work hard for you, give them a comfortable, stimulating environment.

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Where possible, try to show something of yourself and the company brand in the office design; whether you’re eco-warriors, technological innovators, or big on collaboration and crowdsourcing ideas. Customers and investors like it when businesses have a story.

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